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  1. peperonikiller

    Lioryte's last omnia ROM

    It's hard to imagine a time when this phone was popular and us cooks were active, I'm just about to leave my HTC Evo 4G for a new phone here soon.
  2. peperonikiller

    Fastest DC22 ROM?

    Just try out all the roms people have out there till u find one that suits you. The stock 6.1 rom is slower then a few of the 6.5 roms posted up here I know that much
  3. peperonikiller

    DC22 6.5 23569

    That version I took out the 4-way mouse. You'll also have to add the mouse icon pointer
  4. peperonikiller

    Gingerbread for the EVO!

    Officially? who knows Unofficially. we already have it, although video record, 4G, and something else does not work yet.. check XDA-Developers site
  5. peperonikiller

    DC22 6.5 23569

    I've created an Evo rom. Will post a link up when it get's more customized than just stock.
  6. I could probably take a stab at making my own phone-less rom. Although I use my Evo for everything multi-media.. If I cant sell my omnia I'll stilll probably mess around with it.
  7. blazingwolf has been out of the cooking business for almost a year now I think. Windows Phone 7 will not be able to run on our devices.. But if you are interested in a more updated rom, check out Lioryte's thread. I have some rom's up too which I would recommend my latest Lite rom for a WinPhone7 feel... Otherwise all the usual cooks for the Omnia have moved on to newer phones im afraid to say. Good luck choosing a rom to stick with.
  8. peperonikiller

    Pep's Final Rom

    Well the easiest way for me was to sync them with the exchange server I use at my work. But if you can figure out a way to import all your contacts into a gmail account, when you get the droid x it will have you sign in with your google account and automatically imports all your google contacts. Otherwise they can transfer all of your contacts over at the verizon store. I still have my Omnia and I finally replaced the touchscreen, I would love to release one more rom updated and all but I just need to find the time and not be so lazy. So many people have finally moved on now though it's almost not worth it. I just flashed like 5 different roms on my Evo in the past 2 hrs -.- I'm going to be making Evo roms too eventually. :)
  9. Also take a look at this thread to get you started on cooking if you havent found this already. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=633246
  10. I've had my Evo for a few weeks now, have it rooted and running a custom rom/ custom kernel. With the custom kernel I've been able to get quite a bit more battery life out of it. And I just got my replacement screen in for my Omnia which is now up and running again lol. There is a steep learning curve with Android cooking.. and it's definitely a lot harder than WinMo. Good luck sir
  11. peperonikiller

    Evo Help Thread

    Since I like Modaco so much and it seems the Evo section here is lacking and I now have one.. I'd be willing to help anybody here with questions they have about the device.. whether it be about rooting or a simple android question I'm sure I or someone here can help.
  12. You must have careful hands while taking your phone apart but to me it was pretty easy.. and I'm still waiting for my new digitizer to ship here. I bought it off ebay. I followed this guide. http://www.formymobile.co.uk/omniadisassembly.php
  13. my digitizer went kaput a couple weeks back. poor Omnia, but I ordered an unbranded digitizer for $8

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