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  1. There's a video with a brief demonstration here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ski1hOvDbKg I think in combination with a bluetooth headset this could be awesome. It is basically a large PDA, so it has the media and business capabilities of a laptop or netbook, plus the connectivity, telephony and messaging functionality of a phone. The big screen makes for convenient reading of documents, ebooks, internet, video, gaming, texting and so on, but (unlike iPad or netbook) is not too big to fit into a purse or handbag. For me, that's a winning combination. Too bad that it will be exclusive to O2. Dell is being just as short-sighted as Apple was with the iPhone and goes for the network with the biggest wallet, not the one with the best coverage or data capability.
  2. Some websites say that it will have a flash, so let's wait until it is released and then see. Also, photos at night tend to come out poor even with flash. Playing arond with the ISO setting helps, but in low light situations mobile phones are unfortunately still a long way behind a "proper" camera.
  3. Yeah, one reason why I'm interested in the Galaxy S is the "with Google" on the back, like on Nexus One. Could this mean that Galaxy S gets a firmware upgrade whenever Google/Android upgrades? The other reason is the 8GB/16GB on-board storage. Plus the AMOLED screen seems to indicate low power consumption, so battery life should be good provided the 1Ghz processor isn't too heavy. I guess we have to wait for user reports to be sure though.
  4. Well, that may be a good thing. HTC's Sense UI is awesome but HTC phones tend to have a weak battery or poor camera (pink spot) or both, so it may be worth checking out the competition as well.
  5. Unless you're in a hurry I'd wait for the Samsung Galaxy S to be released and then compare it to the two HTCs. Seems like a very promising phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9000_gala...-review-467.php
  6. Do you no longer have to manually edit the city files to fix the wrong time zones too? I really couldn't be bothered to do that, especially on a paid-for UI (more options than the free version). I totally agree that the creator of Pointsense has done a great job at making PointUI comprehensive and usable, but I still don't think I will go back to it. With PointUI my phone constantly felt hot and had problems displaying Chinese and Japanese characters in messaging preview. SPB has a few more bells and whistles than I need (e.g. carousel view) and I would like the icons/widgets for the lifestyle screen to be bigger, but it has been the most user friendly and reliable UI for me.
  7. I haven't tried Pointsense, but I did try a number of other PointUI themes and found them very buggy compared to SPB. Lots of little things, some quite basic, like cities not showing the correct the time zone/local time and weather applets not recognising major cities like London. I also didn't like that SMS and email alerts share the same icon, non-English characters in the message applet displayed garbled and PointUI generally seemed more power hungry than SPB3.0 (might be different for 3.5). There's an in-depth thread on Pointsense, including installation advice, here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...2-make-it-mine/ There's also a Sense theme for SPB here: http://pocketnow.com/software-1/get-sense-...-windows-mobile
  8. Yeah, I installed the .cab and left the phone settings on automatic and everything works as normal. Not sure what the developer was referring to with setting GSM as default. The .cab seems to stop the dynamic network search, but not totally. The signal in my home (of all places) is very unstable and before installing the .cab would constantly fluctuate between 3G, G and E and full signal to no signal at all. With the .cab it still switches between 3G and E from time to time, but not as much. Most of the time it is 3G now. The only thing I adjusted was background light, which I had set to manual and lowest. The .cab moved it a bit higher than lowest, so I moved it back down.
  9. I wouldn't buy another WM phone right now, at least not on a contract. If you want to stay with MS better wait until Q4 2010 when Win7 is scheduled to go live and wait for user reports. There are bound to be bugs in the beginning and it will be interesting to see how quickly and effectively MS will address them. Personally I wasn't thrilled with what I've seen of Win7 so far and since it won't be compatible with WM 6.x apps I have no reason to stay with MS. I'm going to wait and see what the next iPhone is capable of, compare that to whatever is available on Android at the time and then go for whatever ticks the most boxes for me in terms of hardware and software.
  10. Thank you so much for the clarification. :( Presumably email delivery also works as normal? I don't mind not having HSDPA, but I use internet and email a lot and in one of my main travel destinations (Japan) GSM only phones don't work at all.
  11. I'd like to try the .cab but according to the developer's blog it disables auto network search and sets GSM as default and, if I want 3G, I have to "disable auto" in the phone settings. The only options there are automatic and manual. My question is: do these phone settings also set roaming behaviour? In other words, if I set network search to manual to get 3G, would I have to manually select a network when I go abroad? I want 3G as default, but I do a lot of international travel, so having to manually select a network each time would be a real pain. Just to clarify, do you mean actual internet, i.e. Opera or PIE, or 3G?
  12. This has been bugging me for a while. I have Opera 9.7 set as default browser, but Quickmark always opens the old Opera 9.5 that came with my ROM (or IE, which I'm not using either). Is there a way to change that?
  13. More details emerging: http://www.gsmarena.com/microsoft_announce...m-news-1456.php http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2...-15MWC10PR.mspx http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/windowsphone/ http://blogs.technet.com/microsoft_blog/ar...e-7-series.aspx
  14. If this is true then Microsoft are digging their own grave. It is like they are taking all the bad stuff from Apple instead of the good. The only reason why people put up with Apple's annoying limitations is the wealth of apps and the simplicity and smoothness of the UI, none of which WM can offer (OK, I haven't used WM 7 yet, but I doubt that it can be so good as to compensate for the downsides). So there would be NO reason to go with WM in the future. Shame, I was just about to buy some new apps for my Omnia, but now I'll hold fire until more details emerge. No point in pouring more money into WM if I have to change OS with my next phone (or WM 6.x apps don't work on WM 7).
  15. I have taken good pics with my Omnia and also some very poor ones. The poor pics were all taken in low light/low contrast situations, where the camera seemed to have trouble focusing on anything in particular. I find the flash to be not very helpful, unless it is really dark, but you can try to increase the ISO and contrast settings. Even better, switch on the lights in the room, if this is an option.
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