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    so who's getting a Touch Pro 2?

    I got mine about an hour ago, and apart from finding that my Tom Tom Nav 6 doesn't work with this device, I'm rather pleased with it & welcome the inclusion of a simple thing like a screen protector. It's a good one too - went on without any bubbles & Caz couldn't even tell there was one installed. ;) I suspect I will have to upgrade to Nav 7, which I'm informed works with the Pro 2. Can anyone confirm or deny this? :D
  2. Same here! ;) I got my 6910 last Friday, and can't use the damn thing in the car because of the lack of voice dialling! :D
  3. That's a shame, as one of my colleagues has one, and it's a perfect shirt pocket size :P Buckets of functionality in a form factor that suits me better than my K-JAM, and I don't even mind the 240x240 screen, which seems quite crisp, if a little large after staring at my K-JAM's diminutive screen with its tiny pixels for a year (not all the time - I have breaks for meals & sleep). Now if only she'll let me pinch it... :D
  4. mikeiw

    M3100 Screen Alignment problem

    Just done this to my year old (and therefore out of warranty) K-JAM. Ran a business card round the seal, and got lots of crap coming out - Dust, short (non-curly) hairs etc. I've got a theory that the buildup of dust under the seal is causing pressure on the edges of the touch screen, which is what gives the false touch/tap location. I re-calibrated my screen, and even the dead patch on my screen's gone now. I'm rather pleased. :) I imagine that this will be a regular occurence as the debris builds up again, but at least it's not terminal (yet). :D

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