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  1. The twitter link in the article for Paul isn't the correct one...
  2. Meh. Still square. Waiting for Moto 360. I don't mind having a smaller square area with the real information and 4 mostly-unused arcs, but square watches are STILL too toy-like.
  3. Hmm, I suppose I'll wait for Gear Fit 2, with a vertical display (or whatever - rotated with 90 degrees) and maybe with standard watch bands instead of their custom thingie :)
  4. Rocky7 seems to have a valid point here, but still it's sad that I, as a honest customer, can't test a phone before buying it. About 2 years ago I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note (the first one), because I wanted a bigger phone and this one looked nice. I found a shop that was displaying it, but I never could "feel" the phone because the display phone + clamp + cable is a different thing than just the phone... I was fortunate that a big part of the company I work deals with mobile gaming and they had the device, so I ended up going to the device room and asking for the Note to see how it feels, works, etc, but most people can't do that and end up blind buying, based only on more or less honest reviews.
  5. After 3 weeks with the X7, I can say I still love it. It's not top of the line, but it's more than decent. I have only one issue with it: the 3 buttons aren't backlit, so if you're using the phone in the darkness you won't see where they are and you'll fumble around, trying to press them. Of course, after a while you learn where they are, but I still miss them by 2-3 mm and it's annoying!
  6. @tsutton so you get a free pack, and you complain that it's not the best thing possible? Right. I suppose you're new in this world and you never heard of the "freemium" concept: you get a free game with the basic features and if you want to advance faster, you have to buy stuff with real money.
  7. absro

    IFA Highlights

    Yeah... the IFA was disappointing for me. The Sony smartwatch still looks like a toy to me (I have the old one and I never wore it; in the pictures it looked better, but the device itself looks like a child toy). The Samsung Gear looks better (at least in pics), but with a battery life of less than 1 day it's a big no-no for me. And I'm tired of paying premium prices for phones and getting screwed one year later, when they decide that the phone is too old and won't receive Android updates anymore... So bye bye Sony&Samsung, hello noname Chinese manufacturers (or Xiaomi :)...).
  8. I have a Galaxy Note 1 and I can't use a phone with 4.3" or less, so when I'll replace the Note I'll look for another 5" device. Those Chinese phones look quite appealing, since I'm tired with Samsung's bullshit regarding the updates. At least I'll pay less and I won't expect any kind of service if I break something :)
  9. A little bit off-topic: what's the best MediaTek based phone you tested until now? And is it good enough to use as a main phone? I'm starting to have issues with my Galaxy Note, I tried to buy the Oppo Find 5 and failed (shipping issues or whatever, I cancelled the order in the end). I'm not a fan of HTC, I'm starting to dislike Samsung more and more because of their update policies, so I'm looking for alternatives and the MediaTek based devices start to sound more and more appealing (I won't have too many firmware updates, I assume, but at least I'll pay less than 1/2 of the price). Thanks!
  10. Lol, that's the reason I owned only 1 HTC phone, and that was the Windows Mobile Tytn 2. After they f**ked the users with the software graphics drivers, I vowed not to buy a HTC again. Oh, and the sugar on top was: they provided us with a WM 6.1 update that was worse than the original WM 6.0 and when I asked the HTC support how can I downgrade to 6.0, the answer was "we can't provide you with a link, we don't support 6.0 anymore".
  11. After the first 2 fiascos, I doubt this one will be better, mainly because from the images I saw (if they're real) it STILL looks like a toddler toy. At least their BT watches were looking like a proper watch. I'm still waiting for a REAL smartwatch, meaning a watch made of stainless steel and glass, with a round face. One that doesn't look like you strapped an iPod shuffle on your wrist. I hope someone will manage to convince a real watch designer to work with them to design a smartwatch. I would even buy an Apple smartwatch, if it would look like a watch and you can connect it with Android :)
  12. The FitBit might have great customer service, but only in a few selected countries. I can't even download the Android app from the play store, despite the fact that I was able to buy the FitBit One from Amazon UK, so they've became a "no go" for me. If they don't want their products to be sold throughout the European Union, I assume they could ask Amazon to ship it only in the UK, Germany, France and whatever. Also, I have to rant a bit about the sleep feature: it's nice that it can wake you up in the morning, but it's annoying that you can't disable the wake up from the device, or at least have the option to disable the wake up if you didn't start the sleep tracking (in the morning, it will start vibrating in your pocket or God knows where, even if you don't wear it and didn't start the sleep tracking). Another thing, it would be very nice to implement a kind of "learning" feature, e.g. teach the Fitbit what's your walking/running/whatever pattern (in terms of movement) and filter the other patterns (driving a car, blah blah). Maybe not on the device, I assume it's limited in terms of memory and processing power, but at least when you upload your data to the website.
  13. Hm... this sounds interesting http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/ced47926-d80f-11e2-b4a4-00144feab7de.html
  14. I'm kind of looking for a new phone (I ordered the Oppo Find 5, but they failed to ship it and I cancelled the order), so I'll wait for a review; also, waiting for more info about Huawei's update policy. The price isn't bad, but it isn't cheap either. My current device is a Galaxy Note (the first one), but Samsung is really annoying with the updates, so probably my next phone won't be a Samsung anymore (I'm still on 4.0.4 because they didn't release the update to 4.1.x in my country).
  15. I got a refund confirmation from PayPal; I'll probably get the money back into my account next week. I'll either buy a Note 2 or add 150-200 euros and buy an S4. That's it, no more experiments with shady companies. That's sad, though, because the phone specs look nice and their "2 updates per month" vs "we don't know whether we'll update the firmware for the Note, it's already an old product" did sound nice :( At least the Samsungs are available at every phone seller and their service is really good (last year they replaced the USB connector on my Galaxy Note in less than 30 minutes, because the old one got damaged and the phone was in the "charging" state all the time). The funniest part is that DHL declined the address because they said the zip code isn't valid, even if since January I received a package via DHL at that address, and at least 10 packages via Royal Mail. Oh well, maybe they should start looking for a different service?
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