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  1. My fascinate doesn't lag - I run pandora almost all day, and the only time I get lag is for 1/2 second - which isn't tolerable. GO use a windows mobile device and post back here.. lag was way worse :lol:
  2. Sounds good, and the lock thing works better without it. The only issue I'm having now is the text messaging is horrible. It comes up in little bubbles and sometimes it comes up as multiple messages, what's going on? I have to click "tap here to send message" by sometimes when I hit reply I have to delete the persons text they wrote to me and fill it out.
  3. I just installed this rom and had a question. When I click in the top left hand corner, touchwiz comes up (menu) but if I hit windows button the default windows comes up. Also, it doesn't come with "touch to unlock" anymore. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks, I'm going to try the first one then the second one.
  5. Finally got the O2! Sick of fixing my O1.. I *gasp* Like the Samsung TouchWiz interface. However, I'm looking to find a rom that: - Has a better lock screen (keyboard displays over top of it for some reason) - Less ugly home screen - Stock GUI for the menus, I like it.. Task manager and everything is easily accessed! - Tweaked for speed - Tweaked memory storage Pretty much looking for a tweaked up version, there's so many on here so - just looking at possibilities!
  6. It was announced as the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, and I heard from inside sources it'll be available for preorder on the 15th.
  7. Anyone here news if it's coming to Verizon? the Galaxy S Pro looks awesome (it has a keyboard!)
  8. I just installed memmaid, so hopefully that can fix it. UPDATE: Same issue =| UPDATE 2: OMG the "sound notifications" was unchecked! It works now :( Any other suggestions?
  9. Yes, I did. I'll install a program to clear the memory.. I hope that works :-\
  10. Whenever I receive a text message, picture message, or even e-mail this phone stays silent. I have set all the options in the sound settings, no matter what I do, it doesn't work. I tested the sound, it exists and it plays in the preview. it doesn't even vibrate and the screen doesn't light up. I'm using a stock rom, the latest version. Any clue on what's going on??
  11. THANK YOU. I been having issues with custom roms.. freezing, flat out super slow and laggy, having to rotate it to get it to update the screen. Now if we can get all these tweaks put into the D22 rom that'd be awesome!
  12. I'm thinking my next phone will be the Galaxy S. Has anyone heard any release date? My upgrade is in June so I hope to get out of the Omnia (hate Windows Mobile ATM) and give Android a try! Hopefully it will be on Verizon.. If not then I think Samsung Beam will be although it's a bit slower then the Galaxy S. Any thoughts on this?
  13. This would be a great idea, post up some screenshots. Once my omnia is retired, it's going to be a personal MP3 player! I would love to boot it up to a MP3-only interface.. with some apps.
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