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  1. Received a S740 Wednesday from DeviceWire- ordered to replace a S710. A couple of initial thoughts, I don't know if anyone migrating from a S710 has noticed the same, or if it is just me? 1) When you hold down a key on the qwerty keyboard doesn't insert the corrisponding number/symbol, like the S710 did, it just repeats the character you are holding down. 2) The screen appears to have yellowish tint - could it just be my device, or is it just how things are now? I think there was some issue with yellow tints on the iPhone (or something similar) because people preferred the warmer look? Otherwise, it is a fantastic replacement - much faster overall, making it seem far more usable. Battery life seems ok so far - although I don't use WIFI or Bluetooth, just Exchange push email. The built in GPS seems to work well, locking on pretty quickly even inside a moving train (used the QuickGPS app first).
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