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    Galaxy S4 + Blade V
  1. giokou

    ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Fantastic! Thank you very much sir! :) * At ZTE site still 10kb/s... :angry:
  2. giokou

    ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Hi everyone. Could someone upload to another hoster the Czech 02 package (v4.0)? I 'm getting only 10kb/s the last 3 days and I am frustrated! :wacko: I would be much obliged.
  3. giokou

    Win a Samsung Galaxy S III with MoDaCo and mobicity

    Fantastic competition guys! Good luck to everyone!
  4. Thanks for sharing the new rom Lancez!!! :)
  5. Thanks for the rapidshare premium mirrors!!! :D :P :P Will test too the new rom tomorrow! :)

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