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  1. I just got myself a http://www.spibelt.com/. Went for a run last weekend and had no problem with the GPS reception.
  2. Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2 A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users. - Added new workout types: skiing, rowing, horse riding, driving, flying, sailing, swimming, hiking, paragliding, snowboarding, - To use one of the new workout types, go to the free style workout icon in the activity selection screen. This will open a new screen where you can select from a list of the new types. Note that none of the new types show your calories during a workout, but feel free to upload them, and we’ll add the calories as soon as we set them up. - Added variable sampling rates according to workout type. - Altitude mode is auto-detected now. There should be no need to set it manually now, but the option’s still there in the profile screen if you need it. - Added an experimental auto-pause feature. We still don’t know if it works well on all devices, but you can turn it off in the profile screen if you don’t like it. - The workout tracking map screen now displays the correct current speed instead of the average speed (oops). - Removed the splash screen. Starting SportyPal now takes you directly to the main menu. - When uploading, you’ll get a notification when a new version is available. The notification should contain a clickable link that you can use to download the new version directly. - SportyPal now sends unit system information properly when using the device to create an account. If you register an account with imperial units selected, you’ll see imperial units when you log in to the website with that account. - Fixed several extremely rare bugs that make SportyPal unstartable, like corrupted workouts or map images being saved. - Also fixed a potential Facebook-related crash (“potential” as in “no one has reported it, but it was bound to happen sooner or later”). - SportyPal now checks for and attempts to correct negative length/time workouts. - Fixed the pop-up menus that sometimes refused to appear. - The profile screen should start-up much faster now. - Added some instructions on where you should place the device during the workout. They show up while you’re waiting for a GPS signal fix. - You no longer have to enter an e-mail address to start a workout. You only need to enter your weight now. - Fixed several translation-related bugs in the sharing screen. - The sharing screen should now close itself after a successful share. http://sportypal.com/Download
  3. Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.1.1 From sportypal.com A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users. This update allows you to share your workouts on Twitter and Facebook without having to visit the website. Here’s what is changed in the new version: The sharing screen Added Twitter and Facebook integration. If you choose to upload your workout when it’s completed, you’ll be taken to the “Share” screen where you have the option of checking “Facebook” and/or “Twitter” and pushing the left button to post a link. If you don’t want to share them immediately, you can access this screen using the “Options” menu while viewing your workout data. For Twitter, you’ll need to provide your Twitter username and password at the share screen. You can check “Remember me” to avoid having to enter them again. You can also enter your own text, where “[link]” will be replaced with the link to your workout on SportyPal.com. You don’t have to enter anything for Facebook, but you do need to connect your SportyPal account to your Facebook account before posting. This post contains instructions on doing this. The “Upload” button in your workout details no longer goes away after you upload, which means that you no longer have to use the rather awkward re-uploading method from previous versions. SportyPal should now notify you after uploading a workout if a newer version is available. The workout’s starting time is now used as the official workout time (used to be the end time). Fixed the NullReferenceException upload bug. You should be able to upload all of your workouts now. If not… Drastically reduced memory usage. This should put an end to the memory issues that high-res device users have been experiencing. Fixed a bug in native GPS mode which would cause it to register failure even when it shouldn’t. This made it impossible for some users to use native mode. Fixed a crash in the workout details screen that occurred when you scrolled through both free-style and non-free-style workouts using the d-pad. The proxy bug should be gone for good now. The d-pad buttons on landscape-screen Windows Mobile Standard devices are no longer mixed up when selecting a button from the status bar. Added some bits to help keep the GPS chip online in case the device goes to sleep or the user presses the power button. The tracking map now centers itself during the workout. Fixed a (very rare) scenario that would cause the user’s e-mail address to be rejected during registration due to a null-terminating character being added at the end of every text box. Fixed a scenario that would cause all uploads by a device to be rejected due to the device’s (or the device manufacturer’s) name containing illegal characters. Added automatic language recognition for Czech. http://sportypal.com/Downloads/winmo/SportyPal.CAB
  4. Very cool dude, I'm sure with this setup you are getting very accurate positioning.
  5. If you want to have clean and accurate line on the map, the phone must be on some holder on the bar of the bike. I have this one, http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/bicycle-phone-holder-p14252.htm I got it from E-bay, now I'm looking for water proof case.
  6. I found these new tools on sportypal.com. Setting goals (in my case, I have to cycle at least 22 hours prior to 22/10) which you can then trace through the website. If you use the same hand every time you're practicing, you can even compare your workout. For now I'm not doing well at all with the cycling hours :) :(, I hope i'll have some nice weather this weekend.
  7. Yes I searched on E-bay, i found one holder actually for iPhone but can be fixed also for many type of phones. I'm waiting for it now. Thanks
  8. Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.0.7 A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version, since you will no longer be able to view your workout maps in the old version. Here are the changes in this version: * Fixed the workout maps. This also includes an issue where your network provider would reach Google’s daily static map limit, causing the device to save the “quota exceeded” image instead of the map and never attempt to download the real map. SportyPal will now display an error message if this happens, and the error image will not be saved. It will also look for any such images that have been stored using previous versioSelecting pacens and delete them. * Added a pace display while running. Running workouts will now display pace (min/km or min/mi) instead of speed (km/h or mph). If you preferred the old view, you can select it above the activity icons in the “New Workout” screen while running is selected (see the screenshot). Note that this option also affects the way you view the running workouts saved in “My Workouts” and “My Records”. * Attempted to reduce memory usage. This should help users with high resolution devices like the Touch HD. We never experienced memory issues with our high-res devices, so make sure to let us know whether this works for you. * Added yet another filter for erroneous coordinates. * Fixed a bug that would cause user’s workouts to be uploaded to a bugged user. * Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause the workout time to be displayed incorrectly on the website. * SportyPal will no longer turn the screen off if the device is charging during a workout. * Fixed a crash that occurred when new users would attempt to save a workout that doesn’t have enough valid points. * Included several new user-made translations, including Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian. * SportyPal will no longer ask you to reenter your info when you reinstall the application. * Fixed the numbers on the workout graph. The values displayed were incorrect if imperial units were selected. * Fixed a crash that would occur when a user would attempt to push the left button while viewing a workout map. * Fixed the profile screen so that not entering a value for inches (if the imperial unit system has been selected) will no longer cause an input error. Not entering a value for inches is now equivalent to entering a zero. * Sped a few things up. * Removed the “upload successful” message that appears box when you upload a workout immediately after it is finished and replaced it with a self-removing notification (like the rest of the uploads). * Added a missing colon after “Units” in “My Profile”. * SportyPal will now translate the “Register” caption that appears during device registration. Users upgrading directly from version 1.0 should read this note. Download the new CAB here. Any problems starting this version once you’ve upgraded? Read this.
  9. Love this app, I've been using it for some time as well.
  10. A new free software that I have been using for some time now. It is type of application that can keep track of your runs, rides with bicycle or simply from your walks. Track your position on Google Maps and give full info about your distance covered, your speed, callories burnt... SportyPal worked on my Diamond. Picked up GPS in about 20 seconds and gave good results. Here you can check my run: The GPS accuracy is really good. SportyPal gave a great first impression and is easy to use. Uploaded quite quickly from the phone and didn't take too much battery power.
  11. I'm using mine HTC Dream for keeping record on my bike runs, I usually put my phone in the backpack. but want to find some nice, small and cheap holder for it? Any recomendation? Cheers
  12. try sporty pal it's a multiplatform software for cycling or hiking, is free and it's worth give it a try
  13. Try turning off the stand by mode, i had kind of the same problem but with another application that was using the GPS, so now before i go cycling i just turn off and everything is fine with the app and the receving of the gps signal.
  14. I just came back from one Mountain Bike marathon, organized up in the mountains near the city that i work now, i drove almost 90km. I turned on the application, put my phone in the backpack, it was working without any problem for around 9 hours. http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/6549
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