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  1. Okay, you'll never guess what the problem was. I asked a guy at work to try it out and his work fine, which started me on a quest. I sync my contacts with an exchange server and wondered if that was the problem, so created a contact in the phone contacts and all worked. Started moving the contacts over and it stopped working again. Ready for the solution..... Turns out if you have a space in the phone number, e.g. 01234 567890 then it recognises the contact from your contacts list but doesn't play the custom ring tone. Change the number so that it's 01234567890 and it recognises the contact and plays the custom ring tone. This is just plain weird. Anyway, been through all my contacts and removed the space and everything seems to be okay. Anyone know how to file a bug report to Google?
  2. Hi, I'm having a really weird problem with my Hero - and it should work!! If I assign a ringtone to a contact by editing the contact properties it doesn't play the ringtone when they call, just the default one. I'm using one of the built-in ringtones, not one that I've created with Ringdroid. I've tried everything to get this to work and it just doesn't. I even gave in yesterday and hard reset the phone, synchronised my contacts, reset the ringtone property and it still doesn't work. I'm running the latest Orange ROM and it's completely stock, no rooting or "fiddling". My contacts are synchronised over Exchange Activesync. The caller display works properly as when they ring it pops up with the picture I've registered against them, just doesn't play the ringtone. Any ideas?
  3. I've just checked for any updates and it's now running TomTom6 Version 6.030. Thanks, Fox
  4. Hi, Weird problem this one - used TomTom 6 for the first time on my Touch Dual yesterday and had a couple of issues was wondering if someone could help me out. I was using it with the TomTom Bluetooth Receiver (MkII) and TomTom itself worked like a charm. However, when I received a call, via my Jabra Bluetooth headset, things went a bit weird. On my old Hermes the call information would pop up and then TomTom would be displayed again, just muted, whilst in the call. With the Touch Dual, the call screen remained and then refused to hang the call up when finished. This is quite an annoyance and was wondering if anyone had any ideas? As an aside, watch out for the Brodit mount for this phone. I've always used them in the past, but, when inserting the phone, it pushes the camera button - most annoying! Thanks for any help, Fox
  5. I thought that too and signed up to it for one month. The only differences were no adverts on OWA and pop3/smtp access to the mail2web account. Unfortunately, I was unable to change the Reply To address. I did change this on the properties on Outlook Email but still showed up as from mail2web.com on any emails. I did enquire about changing this and was told that it was not possible so I asked about their hosting service but it was going to work out quite expensive. I'm going to setup Microsoft SBS which makes it very easy to put AD, Exchange and ISA on one machine. The other bonus of SBS is there are plenty of free POP3 plugins so you don't have to change, or setup DNS records. Hope this info helps someone. Fox
  6. I think I was lucky when I upgraded. I upgraded to the M3100 on the day of release and asked OCS what they would do for me. The guy put me through to retentions straight away and they offered me the extra 2000 minutes - I didn't have to ask them. The only thing I did have to haggle over were the extra texts and the price of the handset. When I did the upgrade, the retentions guy said that the 2000 extra minutes were available until the end of August so get them while they're hot!! Just waiting for September 1st to roll round so I can start taking advantage of my new tariff (that's when my contract date is) Fox
  7. The 2000 extra minutes are any time, any network, just the same as the 900 that come as standard on Panther 45. I also managed to wangle an extra 100 texts. To my understanding, the contract runs until you upgrade. If you choose to upgrade as soon as your contract is over, then yes you will start a new contract. For me, I didn't upgrade until month 25 of my previous contract, so in that case, the extra 2000 minutes would have finished at the end of month 18. Fox
  8. Thanks for the info about Video Calling Promo. 100% about the 2000 extra minutes (not a typo!). That was one of the many deals that retentions were able to offer me when I phoned up to order the M3100. We worked through several deals starting at about
  9. Unfortunately, I was previously a very low user and so had to pay a bit for the phone, but my deal was amazing: Panther 45 (18 month contract) -
  10. Orange agreed to replace my phone and the replacement arrived this morning. There are no problems with lockups, call quality is crystal clear and doesn't drop out. The replacement unit is also infinitely quicker and more responsive than the original. Looks like I had a duff one...
  11. I haven't had any lockups since reverting to GSM. Will wait and see what it's like once I get the go-ahead to switch UMTS back on. I really hope they're not related......
  12. I've got the same issue with landscape mode. Normally this manifests itself whilst writing a text message. I'll got to add a recipient for the text message, it fails to pull up the contacts list, so I try to back out of it and the whole unit locks up. Nothing responds, not even the hardware buttons. In the end I have to soft reset the device. I have phoned Orange to complain about this and am waiting a response..... I've also had an issue with calls being dropped. I phoned Orange to find out about this and apparently they've been having issues with the 3G network in my area causing calls to be dropped. I've had to force the phone to only use GSM and so far, I haven;t had any dropped calls. Trouble is, it's strangling the data rate as I can only use GPRS.
  13. I asked the OCS guy about this and he put me on hold while he spoke to the data team. About 5 minutes later he came back with "my colleague in the data department has no way of knowing what you are using the connection for. They're hoping people abide by the terms of the FUP". I don't intend on using the connection with my laptop, but I did check about IM as that's in the FUP as well.
  14. Hi All, I've been watching this thread avidly since its inception and I did eventually do the upgrade last Thursday. I upgraded to the M3100, Panther 45 and the Orange World Unlimited data bundle. I managed to get a very good deal from Orange on the tariff, relatively low user so had to pay a wee bit for the phone, but not too bothered about that. Anyway, after the comings and goings over the last few days, I thought I would phone OCS today and have just got off the phone to them, having been in the queue for 50 minutes!! My Orange World Unlimited bundle still appears on my account and will take effect, together with my new Panther 45 tariff, from September 1st. From that point forwards the data is 24x7 unlimited (subject to a Fair Usage Policy) and will run for the life of the contract, no 40 day period. The only drawback the OCS chap could think of was that it is for the life of the contract so even if I don't want it anymore, I still have to pay for it - like that's going to happen :) Anyway, just thought I'd add my 2 cents to the mix....... Fox
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