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    flyer case !

    for those who might be interested in my case, there is now a 20% off from 1st oct to 4th oct .
  2. xtrememanix

    flyer case !

    more pictures ! as for the slim part . i compared it with my previous S600 case . it feels less bulky as compared to my previous S600 case . Uploaded with ImageShack.us pardon my hands and my poor photography skills ! (:
  3. xtrememanix

    flyer case !

    no problem . its always good to share great stuff with others ! (:
  4. xtrememanix

    flyer case !

    hi guys ! . just bought a yoobao case recently for my flyer and woud like to share it with everyone ! . firstly, i would like to say that the case is well built and very slim . i like how it doesnt add alot of bulk to the flyer as compared to my previous S600 folio case . the cuttings for the camera and speakers are also perfect. the flyer fits tightly to the case because the back of the case is shaped to the back of the flyer so it doesnt move about like in my S600 folio case . all the ports are accessible just like many other cases . the pen slot works on a spring-loaded mechanism . so when you push back the cache that is holding back the pen, the spring mechanism will push the pen out slightly so that its easy for you to take it out . the only thing that didnt really work is the ipad smart-case like cover . i was hoping that it will allow the flyer to stand but apparently i couldnt really get it to stand firmly . but i dun really foresee myself using it on a stand so i'm perfectly fine with it . so in conclusion, i would say that the case is much better than my previous case which is the S600 folio and the price is also not too expensive as compared to the S600 folio . its slim, doesnt add much bulk to flyer and protects the pen completely . so i guess i found a permanent home for my flyer ! (: so if anyone is interested can get the case from this website : http://www.obostore.com/yoobao-slim-leather-case-skin-for-htc-flyer-p-1928.html?t=12317 i have looked around and this place provides the most competitive pricing with free shipping on all orders and it offers discount for bulk purchase ! >2 onwards theres discount ! (: some pictures ! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. i got this yoobao leather case for my eee pad and it feels good in hand and of premium quality ! plus theres free shipping with any orders although it takes some time for my item to arrive . (10days) http://www.obostore.com/yoobao-asus-eeepad-tf101-leather-case-p-1312.html?t=12317

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