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  1. i didn't get SOD anymore as well... memory eats are perfectly normal, we are talking about wm6.5.x afterall :( i wish someone cooked something for this great device cheers
  2. I'm also on latest european rom since i wrote the above post, but i've never had SOD bug again... strange... I'm enjoying the phone and don't regret switching to a smaller screen, the qwerty keyboard is really nice and easy to use. Also the battery life is great! Would be very nice if some experts could cook some custom roms, especially w/ WM6.5, since 6.5.x still got some compatibility issues. Cheers
  3. Hi Thanks for the site. did u try any of those firmwares? have u ever noticed any kind of SOD (sleep of death) bug? i'm currently with latest european rom. btw, do u know where can i find official roms? i search a lot and couldn't find any... cheers
  4. WP7 sucks a lot :) Please finish v3.5 one of this days buddy hope to hear from u soon cheers
  5. you are absolutelly right! i recently sold my O2 and bought a Topaz to get real 3D acceleration and it's really cool! btw, your roms for topaz rock man!! the best i've tested so far.. now i'm using sense energy, and i'm thinking about going to cookie 1.8, or 2.0 since the battery drain problem is solved.. my Q is (and sorry to post in the rong forum), does CHT roms eat more battery than non-CHT ones? cheers
  6. AHAH, iphone4 is cheap in Germany? here in PT it's very expensive. WM is still the best OS for PDAs imo.. for how much did u sell de iphone? btw, the new skin looks great, i want that cab!!! ahah cheers
  7. Awesome buddy!!! Can't wait to try the .cab on my Topaz (yes i bought a Topaz, don't laugh at me please B) ). I tried ur last cab on a stock rom and it was allways giving me errors anytime i clicked the screen. Now will try on custom ROM (took me sometime to HARDSPL the Topaz). Cheers buddy
  8. @contable: hey buddy, how's the new version going? no screenshots for a while :rolleyes: i'm quite enjoying my new device but i think i will switch again right away AHAH, my girlfriend says i'm going crazy with this "PDA stuff" Maybe we can chat when u have some time Cheers
  9. wellcome If u want to use SPB u're in the wrong place. This topic is about a skin for JML plugin and contable doesn't cook roms as far as i know... yet! If u want to use SPB search for a lite/Ulite/MegaLite rom in rom development section (anyone from alex, speedfrog, lancez, shadowangel will do great). Look for a rom with high free ram values because SPB does eat a lot of it. On the ohter hand, if u want to try contable skin i would advise u also to look for a lite/Ulite/MegaLite rom and then install contable skin cab. IMO it's the best taste u will ever get out of your i8000. U can wait for next release, wich should be in the next few days. Spend some time reading around the forum and remember google is your friend. For themes and apps, use google or modaco search engine.
  10. yes i sold it AHAH, i wanted to tell u the other day but u were very busy. HVGA is a worse resolution than WVGA, do u mean it will work on it? Everything i wanted was working ok on O2 but i wanted another taste. anyway, i miss it when i re-visit your thread (almost everyday). cheers buddy
  11. hi there buddy, sorry to be less active now. but I check your thread everyday, and your skin previews look awesome! Will they work/will it be easy to port to HVGA resolution? cheers
  12. Looks awesome my friend! If i sell my O2, the good thing is that i can allways use ur skin with windows mobile AHAHA eager to see the final product :P cheers
  13. hey hey, big chef speedfrog now with sense roms :P good luck buddy! it's a pitty ur rom has HTC messaging :/ anyway nice job :D rated 5 stars cheers
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