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  1. Thanks for the notes to support Galaxy Notes :-) Minor note for Eclipse users . . . . Need to change from: <uses-library required="false" name="com.sec.android.app.multiwindow"> </uses-library> To this: <uses-library android:required="false" android:name="com.sec.android.app.multiwindow"> </uses-library>
  2. jmbneaf

    info needed again folks

    with patch applied my results are: read 18.8 write 5.1 read 18.6 write 9.1 read 15.2 write 3.2 read speeds increased nearly 2x ~J
  3. jmbneaf

    info needed again folks

    SanDisk 16 Gb - came with Streak 2 partitions, one 14 Gb FAT and one 2 Gb SD-Ext, EXT3 about 4 Gb free on FAT, 2Gb free on ext partition Mfg date 07/2010 #1 read 11.2 mbs write 1.4 mbs #2 read 5.9 mbs write 2.8 mbs #3 read 8.1 mbs write 3.3 mbs #4 read 7.1 mbs write 2.2 mbs did four tests as writes were increasing hope it helps ~J
  4. jmbneaf

    yawn ive been bored tonight

    Awesome - I have been waiting for Honeycomb to port to the Dell Streak! Keep it up Steve! -Jim
  5. jmbneaf

    CLOSED: SIXTEEN brand new SPV E100s up for grabs!

    Cool - nice redesign. -JB
  6. Down in the sunny SouthEast - my SPV works as good or better than my former S105 and T39. Works great on T-Mobile - FYI JB
  7. I use one of these with my standard headphones and it works great on my SPV. Take a look here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3030115516 FYI, JB
  8. jmbneaf

    Mouse App (Pirazu)

    I tried it on my Pocket PC - it works great there. I also tried it on my SPV - it kinda works here too - it needs some tweaking to get it right. Curious??? - well I had to soft reset my SPV to exit the program. It definitely has potential on the SmartPhone platform. FYI, -JB

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