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  1. Before this gets off topic too much anyone wanting s-off under hboot 1.54 should check out fonefunshop they offer the java card service for £21.98 including return (of course you have to pay for delivery) http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/cable_picker/97585_HTC_One_M7_S-OFF_Mail_In_Service_(Permanent_Root_HTC_Allow_Custom_Roms).html Back on topic I have 2 issues left which I believe Paul is looking into one of them. 1. status bar disappearing on GE edition 2. Weather sync on Sense disables itself after switching from GE
  2. Same here just disappeared on beta 10 even after a few switches back and forth.
  3. Helium works even better I could not restore any apps with titanium backup for some reason
  4. Beta 10 has fixed all the issues which I reported. Excellent work Paul and Lenny it's very much appreciated.
  5. Anyone having issues with downloading the zip it gets right to the end and then never finishes. Tried it on IE 11, chrome and through the OTA and all exhibit the same behaviour. Ignore me it took a few minutes after finishing to actually finish.
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply once all these issues are fixed it will become my default Rom over modaco beta 8
  7. Ran into another issue google maps seems to keep on uninstalling itself on the Sense side and/or complains the SDK version is not high enough.
  8. Done a full factory reset and started from scratch and noticed some oddities in GPe 1. Google calendar sync is missing from GPe but works fine on Sense (tested both calendars and calendar sync is under Sense Edition) 2. Keeps saying location reporting can't determine previous setting (each time you switch to GPe) 3. Trying to get into calendar then agenda force closes the application (probably because of point 1) If I find anymore issues I will post them here.
  9. How does it handle apps such as viber or whatsapp which require authentication with your phone number etc
  10. What is the warranty on these phones? as I am in HK in july so maybe picking one up.
  11. Hey guys and girls, Newbie C500 owner here, I have downloaded some rather cool wallpapers from my new phone but the top part of the picture if always obscured by the orange bar along the top (signal strength, gprs etc).... Is there anyway of making this clear or better still removing the bar completely but retain the signal strength etc? Cheers D
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