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  1. TimLayton

    Windows Mobile 6.5 developer resources roundup

    I forgot to say thank you for posting the resources. I would agree with the group here that gestures is the only really net new api from a developer perspective, but widgets are really going to be big I think. Let's see what happens.
  2. TimLayton

    LG announce GW550 Smartphone

    We have seen a ton of these types of phones and windows mobile seems to be delivering some of the best ones in class. I know that my kids love these types of phones because they are heavy into texting and emailing.
  3. TimLayton

    Windows Mobile 6.5 developer resources roundup

    Based on everything that I know right now, I think that widgets are going to be huge for windows mobile and the same concept is also pickup up momentum as well. This opens so many new possibilities for apps and interaction with the web and integrated phone features. Should be fun.
  4. HTC is releasing some incredible new windows mobile phones right now and over this summer and fall. This is really an exciting time for smartphones right now and I can't wait to see what HTC and others have in store for us.
  5. Thanks for the info on the windows mobile media players. It is easy to forget about all the options we have at times because we get busy and also become creatures of habit. So thanks for pulling all of this together.
  6. TimLayton

    The official HTC Snap 'Ask Paul' thread

    I think there are a couple reasons for the success of the HTC snap. First, the interface is very clean and easy to navigate and the size of this device is perfect for one-handed use. This device really does a good job of using the windows mobile power features and handles very nicely. I think we will see future versions of this and other similar layouts continue.
  7. Clearly the new Omnia II is an incredible piece of technology. I am very anxious to see and touch this new huge screen and to see how it works under varying lighting conditions. The technical specs are off the charts good, so I am excited to check this out in person. Based on the screen size this is going to make media apps really good, but I wonder about battery life.
  8. This is not a windows mobile issue... it seems like you have maybe installed or tried to installed an unauthorized ROM that has caused your issues. Maybe consider calling your device manuf. tech support to fully reset the device.
  9. I've not seen this app for windows mobile before. Thank you for sharing this information. This demonstrates the flexibility and depth of windows mobile as a platform.
  10. TimLayton

    All Wizcode Mobile products currently 50% off!

    Thanks for the information on these windows mobile apps. These all look very good and useful. I hope they will be posted in the new windows marketplace for mobile so that everyone can find them.
  11. TimLayton

    HTC Snap in stock NOW at Devicewire

    HTC definitely makes some beautiful windows mobile phones. We are all very excited to see the new Touch Pro 2 and Diamond 2 phones that are coming out very soon.
  12. TimLayton

    Need Advice

    Depending on your needs, you may want to consider purchasing a phone with an MP3 player in it. One of your best options for many reasons(e.g., expandable storage, long battery life, etc) is probably a windows mobile phone. I have the HTC Touch Pro and I have literally thousands of songs on my expandable SD memory cards.

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