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  1. Should I get the Samsung i9000 galaxy s or the Samsung i897 captivate? It's for work in the netherlands and no other country! I'm kind off confused with the frequenties on the captivate, I have visited many sites and every site says something else on that matter! Thanks in advance!
  2. wow this is really nice! i hope there will be a quick respond :( you're doing a great thing !
  3. it all depends on how large you would like to go with that petition. is you want much attention you can post it on sites of different country's or stuff like that. maybe some revieuwing sites? or maybe pocketnow? (they have a large youtube community)! I hope that i've given you some ideas.
  4. 228 signatures xD this is really going well! having the hardware but not the support is so irritating! you know you have the hardware but you won't see anything of it. keep on going !
  5. would it be possible to change back to the original startup with some program or with a back up from some files?
  6. Wow that are some beautifull startup/shutdown screens ;) are the startup and log of screens animated?
  7. Okey the widget works now but i still haven't fixed the image in de widget bar. please could somebody help me...?
  8. well i'm making my own shortcut widget (to a website that i like). but i have a problem..... when i open the widget bar there is a icon that says no image. there should be a icon that i have put in there but it isn't there! how to do this...? and if i drag the widget to the screen it pops up a little image wich should be the widget. when i click on it the website should open but it doesn't! in the index.html i have a line that says onclick="open_url('www.WEBSITE.nl') and then i close the /div. it should work right.....? well it doesn't :) please help to those who can!
  9. @snow02 i did that but it closes itself after that... other appilcations do this as well! is there a fix for this error?
  10. I can get to 500x2 (1Ghz). is it possible to make te omnia 2 even faster...? and can somebody help with FPUenabler? it closes when i click it away or when i lock the phone.
  11. so i will just have to drop those two files in the /windows map? and i already tried to find the lockscreen.exe but it can't be found and the lockscreen.dll won't copy to another place O_O how can is solve this? and do you have to install/uninstall s2u2 to make it work? btw this software was ment for wm 6.5 right? sorry for al the questions i just don't want my lockscreen to go away xD
  12. it doesn't work by me either... so from where could you also get the widgets?
  13. oops didn't thought about that xD sorry for the stupid question! and thanks for the quik answer
  14. i can't find any site where i can download the cab files for the widgets.... so where could i get the cabs?
  15. when i select the standard windows mobile homescreen i get a very nice screen but the option to phone somebody is nowhere to be found! there is a screen attached that shows what i mean. in the left corner there is a option contacts... how can i change it to phone? in the samsung widget interface there is in the left corner a option to the phone... please help
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