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  1. when i flash .zip file my device freez on stock dell logo :huh:
  2. hi every body i want install this rom http://mobileupdate.dell.com/PackageProduc...40_14844_31.pkg my streak is unlocked and have 318 rom i want to upgarde this rom for att&t but i dont have stock recovery for at &t any body help me to give it and flash in my device?!
  3. hi paul can u plz this rom for persian user only in this rom orginaly support persian from htc and with android kitchen cant root this rom http://www.filefactory.com/file/b4a7d7g/n/...0882_signed.exe we need your help man.... im waiting for your help plz
  4. paul plz update both of your kitchen to 2.2.1 official,sense and without it
  5. i can go to calibration but dont work and dont know how to work with it?!
  6. hi guys i buy red dell streak but my touch dont work and in my lcd some where touch work and somewhere no when i decided go to fastboot fot calibration, when i turn off my device and camera+ power to go fastboot my screen goes to black screen until i release camera button and my device boot up i cant go to fastboot any one help me?! or any one helo me upgrade to 2.1 for my device... maybe fix with 2.1 help me im waiting for u guys
  7. i have one galaxy s,when i flashing custom rom my pc is turned off and my device is bricked in this splash in attachment http://upload.ir-tci.org/files/39/IMG_0024.JPG any one can help me plz!?
  8. very bad online kitchen paul dont have any optional for this rom in compare to r9 y?!
  9. hi mans i flashe version 3 on my o2 streak but my device waiting on dell logo and vibrate,vibrate,vibrate dont boot! what can i do to do this?! my issue fixed with factoy reset :)
  10. it means anybody cant help me to i use swype on my desire?!
  11. move done but i dont have swype and when install again my desire reset
  12. i cant install yet B) anybody help me?! paul? where are u?! im noob in android
  13. i give it to my friend .apk & .odex too,but when i install .apk after a few seconds my phone is reset automatically any one help me how to install it?! Swype.rar
  14. thanks but i dont have galaxy s :lol:
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