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  1. By any chance is your phone saying Memory Low? I had this and my googlemail would not sync, market wouldn't authorise a download etc I removed an app using high memory and then all was good
  2. I'm the opposite now, I don't want a Nexus One. I'm so glad I stayed with my Desire after playing with an N1. Battery is better, no Trackball that gets dust under it and moves itself like all other HTC devices (had 2 with same problem!), better battery life from HTC custom Kernal, hard buttons. Yeah Nexus has the advantages of more devlopers bring things out and quicker updates, but I'll trade that for the device I have. Don't get me wrong, love both devices, just personal preference from different people I guess.
  3. I would also like to know this as I've never known.
  4. Hi, I'm from Leeds, Yorkshire and its a factory unlocked phone
  5. Hi there, Just wondering in here if anyone is wanting to Swap their Nexus One for my HTC Desire. The only reason I wan't to do this is because I need the Nexus One car holder solution to work with my Parrot 9200i car kit. ;) Its currently rooted with the Modaco Rom onboard with full a2sd working great, has full Sense UI etc. Message me or reply here if you are interested. Thanks everyone.
  6. Rich Cranney


    Count me in too, where abouts are you based?
  7. Only by downloading a new keyboard I think, not on this default keyboard.
  8. Rich Cranney

    Battery life

    I heard that although they look like they are running in the background, they are not 100%, ie if you close them using the back button, they remain dormant, not using internet, not using gps etc and they remain in a "cache" like state for quick reload. Obviously it will use some battery life, but using a task killer can cause more, as if you close a program down and Android still needs it, it will simply run it again in the background using more battery powering it up. Its a catch 22 either way, different people will prefer different options, best to experiment and find the one that suits you best.
  9. Don't know if this helps but I've found the following directories aren't mapped to the sd card... /data/app-private /data/app-cache Is this a problem? If so, how can we push this to the memory card? is there a way?
  10. I was actually thinking about this just now, is there a way we can automate this on the phone? Say I run a script and it pushes everything from /data/apps to /system/sd/apps? I have terminal on my phone, but was just wondering whether it was possible to do it within the phone or if I would have to do it via the computer?
  11. Yes, but its not just this APK, its a number of different ones. Would that make a difference though as I would have thought when the apk file is installing, it would look to see where the install directory is and as that is redirected to the sd card, it would just push it there instead?
  12. I could do that, but its pretty annoying having to do this everytime I need to install something I do see that, so that would mean it is working correctly yes? Yet when I install an APK from my memory card, it installs it to internal memory Hmm, not always true, if I install Navigon from the market, it uses A2SD and installs on the memory card. If I use the APK, it installs to internal memory Yes, this is same problem as me. I don't know if its just with Modaco rom or whether its a wider problem. Have you tried other roms and had the same problem?
  13. Has anyone else who has A2SD tried this? Is everyone else ok and its just me or has nobody noticed this yet? Can you let me know...
  14. Aww, was thinking that would sort it, but it made no difference ;)
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