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  1. Sweepster

    New Member, with an annying problem!

    In addition to the above, I have also bought myself a bluetooth dongle (unfortunately I've never owned one) and have downloaded the software update for the 3200 in case this is the problem. I can't find the right settings to update the 3200 as the wizard asks me to choose one of about 10 com ports, something I can not find, and also asks me for a speed. This information, I cannot find anywhere and therefore cannot even pair the 3200 with my laptop to do an update. I am, as we speak, running a software update for the Nokia in the hope that whatever it installs, it will make it visable (and vice versa) to my 3200..... wishful thinking!
  2. Sweepster

    New Member, with an annying problem!

    Hi Folks, I am wondering whether someone would be able to help me out! I did have a Sony Ericsson C905 which has recently gone wrong and refuses to work. I was also given a Parrot LS3200 hands free kit, and had no difficulty in setting it up. Due to the above problems with my 905 and it not able to pair with the Parrot, I was also given a Nokia N73 which is stated as being fully compatible with the 3200. The problem is, I can't get it to pair. I have gone through no end of 3200 manuals and also N73 manuals, and although I am no technophobe, I followed the (very basic) instructions religiously, in case of me missing anything obvious. Still nothing. Has anyone had a similar problem, or are they able to see what I am missing? The phone will not pick up the fact that there is a device there, and numerous attempts for it to search are futile. I am at the end of my tether, as all I need is a working handsfree as I drive for a living. Thanks, Sweep

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