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  1. travistripp

    i607 w/ winmo 5 want to upgrade newb.

    I went ahead and just used the version samsung released following the directions on the att website it seems to work pretty good so far.
  2. travistripp

    i607 w/ winmo 5 want to upgrade newb.

    A lot of that seems to be HTC specific.Like the HSPL it says that on anything else it will turn it into a brick. But I like the flowchart style. I would really like to be able to tether my netbook to my phone.
  3. I have a blackjack i607ucgb4 with windows mobile 5. I would like to upgrade to 6.5 or one of the cool kitchen versions you guys have here. But I don't really know what I'm doing. Is there like a how to somewhere or something?
  4. travistripp


    Is there a way to change this to English?
  5. I just switched from prepaid to my dads family plan with unlimited data now any time I try to use the internet it get an error that says " The remote party has ended this connection." I didn't tell them I had a blackjack. I guess I have to go on the website and add an extra plan or something. Att sucks.
  6. travistripp

    scroll wheel won't scroll through contacts

    Turned phone off then on again and it fixed itself. lol I'm a total newb. I just got this phone 3 days ago. It's my first smartphone.
  7. I can't get the wheel to scroll through my contacts. It works every where else but when on contacts it just wants to stay on top. even when I'm halfway down the list if I roll the wheel it goes right to the top. It was working fine yesterday. How can I fix this?

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