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  1. I've had mine now for a week. There was a bit of a wait while Expansys obtained more stock, but it finally arrived. I have to say, I was a little anxious about the 'no warranty' clause, but it really doesn't matter as this piece of kit, while not the most aesthetically pleasing design, has all the connectivity I want from a device. Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 straight away. The screen is nice, bright and responsive. Plenty of space for productivity apps (I don't use WM devices these for games) and TomTom. GPS is great. First fix is nice and quick and replaces my old Holux236 (and c550). Will be interesting to see if i-Mate release a WM6.5 update for this one, though I won't be overly disappointed if they don't. To be honest, I'd happily say "get one while they're hot" with this device.
  2. There's an error in the link to the cab file, but this should get you there.
  3. I've been waiting for this for a while, and finally... Full article here Download from here. I've had this version running on my C550 for a short while and it seems pretty stable.
  4. Nice... I'd love one. How cool would it be to be zipping down the motorway and seing fellow MoDaCo members en-route!
  5. I can confirm that the same method is used for the C550 as the C600, though I have also set up a shortcut in my start menu soI don't have to go through Messaging to get to it.
  6. I've had a look at the cab file. The update adds some extra funcionality to the camera application. Try it... take a photo... It adds a wizard-like/guided interface to send images to a friend/online album. I think there's some other stuff in there too as there are images and sounds that relate to 'calling tunes'; I've not worked out how they fit in yet though.
  7. I've had the same message, except the URI on mine navigates to http://www.orange-update.com/3. Does anyone have any further info on this [alleged] update?
  8. No, not particularly after any specific item. It's just that I want to pass my C500 on and would like to provide the complete package. Back when I originally purchased my C500, I backed up and formatted the card, but have since lost the backup <_<. Apologies for the original request but I didn't think that the free demo software provided on the card would be in breach of the rules with regard to file sharing.
  9. Does anyone have a copy/backup image of the original 16Mb 'Try Card' that shipped with the C500? TIA
  10. Nope, Mine has only recently started exhibiting this behavior... Most annoying having to set the clock every time I remove the mini SD.
  11. For those still with the C500 [that's me too], the Dopod 585 version is functional. Not sure what is missing, but it reads the barcodes. I needed to rename the language file. Great li'l tool with loads of possibilities. I particularly like the t-shirt and business card ideas banded around in here.
  12. cubik

    World Cup Headers

    'Come on England!'
  13. I'd also like to hear if anyone has found any suitable brackets for mounting a c500 (or similar) on the handlebar of MTB. Anyone?
  14. I think this is what and who you are looking for... fluffcat's eBay auctions. Hope that helps.
  15. Do you mean that you are unable to create an outgoing COM port? The menu option is disabled / grayed-out? (Start --> Settings --> Bluetooth --> Bluetooth --> Menu --> COM Ports --> Menu --> New Outgoing Port) It seems to me that this depends on how you paired your phone with the other device. I think you need to have the other device discover your c500... not the other way round. Also, your other device needs to support the 'Serial Port Profile'.
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