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  1. Thanks for your quick replay. I also was looking at the Nokia 6680 but the screen is smaller on there so I might see if they have this in the orange shop at Colchester tomorrow.
  2. I am thinking of upgrading to this phone tomorrow and need to know how do you play games without a key pad? Is there some kind of joy pad you can get for this? Also what games are on this pohne and what ones can you play on here?
  3. Just wondering what sort of games you can play on the SPV M 500? I am thinking of upgrading to this and would like to know if you can play Mega Drive and SNES roms on here with sound?
  4. just seen this is on Vodaphone and its not as pricy as i thought it will be. £40 for this and 200 mins a month at £30 is very good I think.
  5. I read that the XCute DV1 will be about £500 which would be way to much for me. How much do you think the Nokia N90s will be? as they also have 2MP and whats the difference between VGA and 1.3 Mega pixel? I have read that 1.3 is not much better than VGA.
  6. I bet that will be around £400 with sim and network it dose not look like I will be geting this but how much do you think the Nokia N90s will be?
  7. Is the XCute DV1 available in the UK and on Orange? I have not heard about this phone must read up about this.
  8. OK but would any of these new phones be better at takeing pictures than the SPV C 500? If I was to buy a Digital Camera what cheap ones would you say are good for say around £100?
  9. I am not sure if this post is in the right place or not but I will be upgrading my SPV C 500 soon and I would like to get a phone which can take clear pictures. Are the Sony Ericssons like this one the best? http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...on_k750i/detail Also whats the best Nokia phone for picture quality? And was I thinking of staying with SPV but I have heard there is not much difference between the new phones and the old ones even though they are 1 mega pixle.
  10. I was thinking of upgrading to this phone from the spv c 500 but I wont a phone with a good camera and this has now put me off. Whats the best phone with the best camera?
  11. yes i have some 3gp videos but they wont play on my spv c500 is there anythnig i can download to my phone to play them? :?: by the way i tried a search for 3gp player on google but could not find any think all the search came up with was a load of crap.
  12. i have got mario world to work very good on the phone but why is there no sound?. is there another file you need to download to get the sound?. the game comes up very small on the screen.
  13. you can put wall paper on your phone from your pc. i have most of my pc pictures in my media album and the wall paper i have is 800 by 600. i have 70 pictures on my phone and still room for 300 more.
  14. i think the orange logo is not that bad. i am going to keep it on my phone.
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