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  1. Don't know exactly which folder it is, but it's one of them. Try the folders again one by one, after placing the ringtones in the folder, go to settings-apps-all and clear data for HTCmediacacheservice and media storage and reboot. It should work in one of those folders, I been through this, just don't remember which folder it was.
  2. Does this have small mms issues on tmobile us? Flashed prebake with Wi-Fi calling.
  3. http://www.lg-incite.com/index.php?topic=3158.330 Check out this thread, they are compatible with Omnia. You'll find numerous ones.
  4. CAn someone edit this cpr file to remove the text in the photos and atcontacts panel. In the photo panel I got the the photo with the name next to it and on the at contacts I get the photo with the contact name and number next to it. I just want the photos displayed so that I can increase the size of the pics in the panels. Titanium_240x400.zip
  5. Some of the pictures in post 2 in this thread have phone, voicemail, text, and mail all in one panel. How do I get that?
  6. I am looking for a mod that will display a bigger caller ID display on the original WM 6.5 lockscreen. Can someone help?
  7. ITs a reg edit. HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\MENU\BARFNT HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\MENU\POPFNT Change dWORD Ht to 1200 on both.
  8. Can you create one with this font. Please. Livingst.zip
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