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  1. English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and chinese only
  2. hehehe Já atualizei o post acima... apertei para postar sem querer...
  3. zotzrs, você tem que usar um programa chamado ceRegEditor e alterar as seguintes chaves: Vá para HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HARDWARE/DEVICEMAP/TOUCH/ Clique em CalibrationData Mude o valor para "249,392 111,674 111,121 392,118 393,672" (sem as aspas) Agora vá para HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Welcome/ Crie uma DWORD chamada Disable com o valor FFFFFFFF Desligue o celular e o reinicie João... não haverá mais updates... troquei de celular e já passei o i8000 para frente... A última ROM que eu tenho é uma Ultra lite com WM 6.5.3 JH2... se quiserem eu upo a cozinha dela para vocês no meu tópico de lites (só tenho que achá-la no meu computador rs) Abraço!
  4. Just so the brazilian followers know, it's already on samfirmware.com the new KG7/2.3.4 for brazilian SGS2 with brazilian portuguese to be selected :) Installed and using right now. Very clean ROM without any applications other than Android and Samsung's basics (Hard reset advisable)
  5. I think that the forum is quiet because there isn't any kitchen for us to create our ROMs like with Omnia 2 and others. But, as it was already mentioned, there isn't many changes to be done on this phone. It comes very lite already and if you root it you can remove the applications you do not want (there aren't any reasons for doing it though... considering the major security breach it leaves behind). The only thread I follow on XDA right now is the one with the stock ROMs updates.
  6. I updated mine with XDA's stock KG2 with 2.3.4 and it was a no-wipe install. Still testing it :)
  7. I coudn't connect it via USB to the computer (I've seen some people using some driver but coudn't do it myself - and didn't try much either) and the battery dies out pretty quickly.
  8. Maybe when they start building those kitchens that can disassemble the HTC ROMs we'll get closer to it... in the meanwhile... But as it is I don't think we are missing much... have you guys tried SPB 3D? It isn't much of a change but it is nice :D
  9. I'll share what I did: Set the Configuration of the phone in the USB Connection as Mass Storage => My Storage and, using VMWare with Ubuntu, connected the phone. I removed all partitions from my MyStorage using Ubuntu and GParted - Was kind of tense, after each operation I had to remove the phone and put it back on or else I couldn't do the following steps). Afterwards, using GParted I created 2 partitions: Disk0 as VFAT with 2GB Disk1 as ext4 with the rest (almost 6GB) Untared within Ubuntu the ext4.tar.gz directly in the ext4 partition (Disk1) I changed the STARTUP.TXT with the line above mentioned (I attached mine here) Just run the HARET.EXE and it came on nicelly :P startup.txt
  10. I've the same issue and, in my case, the problem is in the touch screen... It's upper left part is not touchable (when I touch it, the phone answer as if I touched the upper middle of the screen) So I guess that, when trying to align, the phone checks if the values are within range and, if not, it restarts the alignment.
  11. I've been trying to use Primo but I aways get the "Fatal error occurred in main thread"... has anyone else had this problem? With iGO8 I don't have this... could it have something to do with my phone version or something like that? I already hard reset, flashed another ROM... Damn! =/ Thanks for any reply :D
  12. I use Avira which is a very irritating AV when it comes to false positives (everything has some kind of virus xD) and it didn't complain about that program... :(
  13. Rapid, have you tried Pako777's EXEcutor? It has a eBoot disassembling funcionality and I just tried and it works with i8000's eBoot :( Good luck!
  14. I'm thinking about building a 2022 pt-br Sense... maybe this weekend :(
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