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  1. I finished up sending the Kaiser back to HTC and having the mainboard swapped. All my chargers now seem to work (from the crappy £2.99 one through to the £50.00 Carcomm). It's poor build quality on the Kaiser's part - the USB port seems to get damaged if you sneeze on it. Check out the threads on xda developers. I've had numerous other HTC devices and this is the first that this has happened to.
  2. Awarner, thanks. That was one of the reasons I coughed up for the Carcomm mount tho - it should be much higher rated.. Drove from London to Glasgow today, started out with the Kaiser in the new carcomm mount, fully charged. Same as usual, charging light came on on the Kaiser for a few minutes then went out. Still said it was charging on the screen, but wasn't. Using TomTom, the device was dead in around two and a half hours. Plugged in my old TyTn and TomTom Bluetooth GPS using the old charger (which, if you'll remember, was the one that I originally thought was faulty). The TyTn was completely empty to begin with - fully charged after a few hours and happily navigated me home. One thing I've noticed, is that the Kaiser gets outrageously hot when exhibiting this behavior. The original TyTn doesn't and that clearly works fine. Thoughts? Thanks guys.
  3. Ok. This gets odder by the minute. I bought a Carcomm powered mount (at great expense, I might add - £50!) because I believe it has some high powered charger thingy in it. Same problem, just does not charge. However,I tried my old TyTn tonight and it seems fine (albeit for a very short journey), but it seemed to take charge. So my question is this: Can it be possible that the Kaiser takes charge perfectly from the mains, takes charge perfectly from USB but does not take charge from the ciggy lighter? I just can't understand this at all. Is it the Kaiser that's faulty? I seem to have eliminated everything else, but I don't see how it could charge from two sources without issue, but not a third? TIA
  4. My Kaiser is on and connected to push exchange 24/7. I tend to charge each night, overnight, but often have occasion to not do this. If I take off charge at 7.30am, the device will usually last until around 7pm the following day with exchange push always on, some light browsing and a few short calls and texts here and there. It's also a 3G HSDPA connection I'm using.
  5. This thread over at xda-developers worries me :( If the Brodits aren't working correctly, that doesn't fill me with confidence.
  6. Hi Matt, Interesting. I am using a generic charger, not an HTC one, so that could very well be the issue, although I used it successfully with my TyTN (Vario II). I'm assuming a brodit mount wouldn't have any such problems then? THanks Squiggs
  7. Hi Derek, I'm using TomTom 6 too. That would be a nightmare and make the device useless if that were the case. I'm hoping there's another explanation! Cheers Squiggs
  8. Ok, trying to get this on before the football starts, but I'm having a serious issues with charging my Kaiser in the car. I have no problems charging from the mains, but when I'm in the car, it appears to be charging (i.e., it says "charging" and the battery symbol changes to a little plug - however, the orange light tends to go off after a few minutes, even though the kaiser still says "charging" and still shows the plug), but it doesn't actually take charge. I drove for an hour and a half today, using the GPS and when I got to my destination, I only had a 65% charge left, despite it being plugged in for the whole time and looking like it was charging (aside from the orange light). This only appears to have started recently (I think) and I can't understand it. There doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with the charger and what I really don't get, is the conflicting messages from the device. Any help greatly appreciated! Squiggs
  9. Thanks for the replys guys. I'm in the process of having the domain transferred to 123-reg.co.uk (which appears to be a subsidiary of Pipex). Mail2web doesn't allow me to play with any of the DNS settings, the above will. So to clarify a couple of things: When I complete the transfer and point the MX servers at my new email provider, this won't happen instantly, correct? If that's the case, can I do anything to make sure that email isn't lost, or can I set up some sort of auto message informing people that i may not receive their mails? Finally, this should definitely work? don't want to permanently disable my email! Thanks again.
  10. Evening all, Ok, I've been running hosted exchange through mail2web for the last year or so. I pay for one of the professional services so that I can use my own domain name, instead of the mail2web.com domain and have to use forwarding and aggregators etc. It works very well on my Kaiser and Hermes before that. However, I've recently become fed up with the fact that thy've still not upgraded to Exchange 2007, so have been looking for a different provider. Tonight signed up with exchangemailhosting.com, giving an unlimited mailbox size for $9.99 a month. Seemed like a good deal. I assumed that once I signed up, I would be able to request the domain name swap andafter a couple of days, I would have the domain pointing at their servers and could dtch mail2web. However, I recieved my activation email and the only reference to my doman name and the service is the following: DNS In order for IT Solutions Now to accept mail for your domain, you will need to change your MX records to point to the IT Solutions Now servers. Be sure to make the changes listed in the MX Records section and the AutoDiscover section. MX Records Primary MX Record: smtp01.netplexity.net (priority 10) Secondary MX Record: smtp02.netplexity.net (priority 20) AutoDiscover In addition to changing your MX Records, you will also need to create one of the following DNS records: CNAME record for autodiscover.yourdomain.com pointing to autodiscover.myhostedsolution.com (preferred method) Or A record for autodiscover.yourdomain.com pointing to Ohoh! I have a vague understanding of DNS, its purpose and such, but I am waaaay out of my depth here! :( ;) Can anyone suggest what I need to do as my domain is hosted by mail2web also, so I don't have control over the MX records. Feel rather silly now, but appreciate any help!!
  11. I'm with Neil on this one. As you can "break" it by changing the settings in the external GPS settings yourself, it isn't a third party software issue and is a flaw in the design of the device. One, which if you aren't familiar with the foibles of WM devices, may lead you to believe there is some hardware problem and may see a substantial number of warranty returns.
  12. Hi Evad, I used the Kaiser's GPS functionality for the first time properly yesterday on the way to Bath. The traffic was pretty heavy so all in all we were in the car for about three hours and I'd have to say that the GPS was very good in terms of time to first fix, on warm fix (as the missus needed a service station break!) and it held a steady fix for the whole journey, generally nearly full bars and this seemed fairly steady. So I was really pleased. What is a HUGE issue, is this problem where fiddling with the external gps settings breaks the GPS, requiring a reset. Paul mentions it here GPS Settings, but I actually think this would have been a bug that would have prevented market release if thought about properly. Now, I'm not in the habit of fiddling with things that I know will make my life difficult, but I have hard reset this bloody thing around 8 times now! First it was the pre-Kaiser release of CamerAware which seemed to change these settings and yesterday, I made the huge mistake of installing Mobiblogr. This has some kind of Geotagging feature. However, I forgot about this and it tried to geotag one of my photos, in the process changing the hardware port from "none" to "7". This totally broke the GPS and I was left TomTomless on the way home tonight! Happily, Bath to London is fairly direct, but that could have been a disaster! Really is a huge problem. Any program that may have GPS functionality can effectively break the GPS. I personally think this is a great device, but this needs to be addressed urgently by HTC in my opinion.
  13. Cortez, not having exactly the same issues as you, but am definitely having a few of them. My GPS setting won't stick either, but from experience (and also from a comment by Paul elsewhere) changing this is done at your peril! An type of change that is made to the GPS settings seems to completely wreck them. I have nailed down to Cameraware for the minute - installing seems to render the internal GPS useless with no way of rectifying other than a hard reset - will post another topic about this in the CamerAware forum. Similarly, changing any of the settings in the GPS control panel has the same effect. What I don't get, however, is a problem connecting to the GPS. What happens is that it seems to connect alright, but I never pick up any sattelites. Additionally and bizarrely, subsequently I can no longer successfully download the QuickGPS updates. It seems to fully download (i.e., gets to 100%) and then says that it was unable to connect and to try again later. Thishas nothing to do with the data connection, rather that it's almost as though it can't connect to the GPS receiver? Not sure how the techicalities of it work, but it's driving me crazy! Any thoughts anyone? Thanks Squiggs
  14. Eh? W'n'W locked down? Theoretically the Ts&Cs limit your usage on the standard package to avoid VoIP, streaming etc, but in reality, you can do all of these things. I do ocassionally, but day to day, the £7.50 plan covers all my needs and is fantastic value. IMHO, anyway! :wub:
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