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  1. EPDM, i don't know if you're still working on this or not. but before i try and help ya, which version of touchflo are you using? M2d v1.9 or M2D2? thanks blazer
  2. Looking forward to see more of this Theme!
  3. whiteblazer00

    It's Incredible

    Can't wait for July so i can upgrade to this!! can't wait to get all the feedback first! then i'll kno what to expect
  4. amazing work pearl jam! Can't wait to give this a shot!
  5. whiteblazer00

    Just an observation

    i'm glad to see there are so many users here that are determined to stay with "our" phone. I've been tempted a few times when friends would show off their phones. but, then i'd just go back to the kitchen and cook something else up that looked better. :) I'm very pleased with the Omnia, i've had it for 11 months and it still works like new(but better)! that's a record for me. It's so hard to believe that the "hightech smartphone" Omnia is as durable as it is. I might need to visit over here on Modaco a little more, bcuz it seems like there are some good pplz here too! later
  6. whiteblazer00

    Dark Dialler

    it's the file in sys called Phone_dpi_240_resv_400. hope that helps!
  7. The rom might not have VVM installed. If you dl and install VVM that messaging thing should go away.
  8. whiteblazer00

    Best Keyboard

    Swype keyboard is the best there is!
  9. yea and the sad thing is, BW has a Droid now, and he's still going to build a new rom for the Omnia!! that says alot about a guy, when he doesn't forget about his faithful followers. So be patient with him, becuz i can almost guarantee that once the Rom is released, it's gonna be awesome.
  10. BW don't worry about, family comes first! and don't worry, you're faithful followers will wait for the next rom!! :D
  11. No kings, you cannot, this is for Omnia i910's only
  12. Hey BW, any time frame on that new release?? :D
  13. whiteblazer00

    blazingwolf black theme w/28005

    That's cool that your still working on Omnia stuff since you're on the droid now.
  14. whiteblazer00

    blazingwolf black theme w/28005

    what a bummer! i saw this topic and was excited that BW came back, but nope, not that lucky.

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