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  1. I ended up going with the Droid 1. I bought my friends iPhone 3GS a few months ago to use as an iPod and to connect to wifi, then I decided to sell it and get a Droid since I'm on my parents' plan and they aren't planning on upgrading anytime soon.
  2. I will officially no longer be cooking for the i910. I've been on a several month hiatus, and the other day I finally made the switch to Android. Now I realize just how shitty the Omnia was lol. Thanks to everybody who supported me and tested my ROMs for me. It was fun while it lasted.
  3. office 2010 is cooked into all v3 versions except for titanium only. i was in a hurry to release those versions and i forgot to add it in the kitchen when cooking the titanium version which i did last.
  4. editing the weather cities shouldnt do that. you may have accidently edited HTCHomeSettings.xml instead of HH0409_WeatherCities.xml also if you did edit the right file, did you put it back into the Windows folder using Total Commander or a program similar to it?
  5. here is how to manually do it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=439399 if you want to post the city you want to add i can do it for you and make a cab. i'm not sure how soon i would be able to do it though.
  6. the main menu button has been mapped to OK/Close to compensate for the bug where the check/ok button doesnt close certain settings screens. this is a bug universal to all 6.5 ROMs on the i910.
  7. i just want to say thank you to all the people who have helped everyone with the the problems they have posted in this thread. i know i havent been active very much at all lately and i'm so glad yall stepped in to help, especially robertjm and xcapone. unfortunately, i still wont be active very much. i have too much on my plate and there are new people in my life that i need to devote more of my time to. i'm not saying i'm never going to cook again, but i am saying that i am taking a break from cooking. i will provide minor updates like SYS updates when i can and try to help with problems that people are having, just dont get your hopes up for any major updates any time soon.
  8. try using the stylus to align it and if that doesnt work then the problem is most likely that your touch digitizer is going out. the only way to fix that is to buy a new touch panel and replace it yourself or to take your omnia to verizon or samsung and let them deal fix it. samsung will most likely just replace the touchscreen, but verizon will probably just send you a different omnia. i had that problem with my first omnia so i flashed back to stock CF03 and took it to the verizon store and showed them the infinite loop and they sent me a refurb replacement for free since it was still under warranty.
  9. i didnt cook the radio in so i havent tested it yet. i'll try to test a cab today if i can.
  10. in theory, it should work with practically every ROM for the omnia.
  11. bubble breaker and dice have been removed but i think there is a cab for them somewhere. radio has been taking out as well and i'm positive there is a cab for it. you will still have wifi, media player, camera and all of the crucial stuff. the only things that have been taken out are the games and all of the samsung stuff. as for flashing on vista, i have only ever flashed on xp and windows 7 so i'm not sure what problems you might encounter with vista. maybe someone who has flashed with vista can you help you out with that.
  12. i may have forgotten to include office in titanium again. try downloading from marketplace and see if it will let you. be sure to install the one thats free and not the $29.99 one though.
  13. new version in first post. new bottom task bar, office 2010 fixed, various reg tweaks. sorry its been a while since my last update. been helpin my parents move for the past 5 days straight and havent had any time whatsoever to cook or test.
  14. try setting up the data connection manually and see if it fixes it. there was one time i couldnt get marketplace to work until i set up the connection manually. only happened once though and i havent had the problem again. let me know how it works out. i think there might be several factors that affect it though (signal strength, 3g speed, how quickly yahoo sends it out, etc.)
  15. there is a gamertag app but not an app specifically for cod mw2 stats. you should create one for us :) why would you need an app for mw2 stats anyway? i'm an avid mw2 player on live as well, and i don't really see the point in an app like that, but thats just me.
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