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  1. I used to use Prey, but am now a convert to Cerberus (http://goo.gl/z3tm9). Lots of features & function and supposedly very well supported. I think the €2.99 for up to 5 devices is worth it, particularly in context of what it might save you. Plan B is also very good if you need to install a tracking app, after the phone has gone! HTH...
  2. Shame the $199 rumours were so far off base. OKay, that was always extremely unlikely. I would have been tempted at £250-300 for the touch-cover version, but £480 is way too much.
  3. I drove almost 15'000 Km in a Toyota Hiace van around Australia, up the east coast, into the middle and back along the south coast to Sydney, in two and a bit months, almost 10 years ago. A SatNav would have been most helpful in avoiding some of the stupider navigational errors ;-)
  4. I'm with most of the other commenters above. Having been a long HTC fan I specifically avoided the One X to get the SGS3 because of the mSD slot and removable battery. I now think I could live with a fixed storage of 32GB but I want that spare battery in my pocket in any device I have!
  5. Modaco and Paul in particular is why I love owning mobile devices. His work on Android devices/ROMs has totally converted me and made my devices a pleasure to use! I've been toying with getting a tablet for ages and being a fairly technical but cost conscious user the Advent Vega is high on my list. If the competition gods don't smile on me this time, I will see how much longer I can hold out! Go lottery man, spin the wheel... :-D
  6. I have suffered from this problem in the past and know how annoying it is! My phone would be sitting by my side showing 3-4 bars. Then I'd get a Voicemail Alert for a message left minutes/hours ago, despite having made/received calls on the phone earlier and not moving more than a metre from my side! Exasperating to say the least! My experience has led me to believe that this issue is caused by a combination of poor 3G reception and problems with the phone/os/radio when moving between no-signal/2G/3G. At heart the software is at fault. I've had many phones over the years that have had similar issues of not regaining reception after coming back from a no-signal area. I think the HTC Desire is an amazing device but it seems not perfect :-/ The problem is exacerbated hugely by networks like Orange having areas where 3G is quite weak, and (as far as I can tell) the phone spends a lot of time (and battery power) constantly flipping between 2G and 3G. It is during this flipping that an apparently in-reception phone can miss a call then not pickup a voicemail alert! See Post #15 in this forum thread: http://androidforums.com/htc-desire/139645...l-strength.html I had some success with the 'GSM auto (PRL)' setting. Also, whenever I power-on / restart my Desire I always get a new text message from 'Anonymous'. I was deleting this, then found out that it may be to do with controlling Orange's Voicemail Alert message, so now I merely mark it as read! I hope some of the above is enlightening/helpful and you resolve your problems! (N.B. I moved flat into an area with rock solid 3G reception and have not had the problem again!) Regards, Derek -
  7. Just wanted to add my thanks and comments on a good service. I ordered late last night and got an email early this morning. The code worked correctly and I'm very happy with the service! Thanks very much... DEREK :> -
  8. I can't believe that it's been 7 years (and a couple of days) since I first joined MoDaCo!! And it's been on my list of web-pages that I check daily, ever since. My mind floods with nostalgic joy as I remember going into the Orange Shop in Canary Wharf every day, to see if my (appropriately named) HTC Canary / Orange SPV had arrived yet! My C600 (with a modern XDA-Dev ROM) is still one of my all time favourite phones. Many congratulations and big big thanks to Paul and all the other mods that have made MoDaCo the fantastic site that it is! Long may it continue!!! Cheers, DEZ :> -
  9. Thanks for the tip! I've just ordered one. It will be perfect for a bit of wireless surfing on my netbook while out and about in the UK. I wonder if it will work on the 3 network when I'm in Denmark. Cheers, Derek <_< -
  10. Black Battery Cover (rear panel) available for c. £10. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/OEM-Battery-BACK-Cov...Q2em118Q2el1247 (Still think a thick black permanent marker, might do a satisfactory and much cheaper job :D)
  11. At that price, I just had to order one (will be good for testing out ROMs and as a backup phone). Does anyone know how to remove the front pink panel??? (hopefully some sort of black paint can be applied to this and the battery cover!!) DEZ :> -
  12. Not sure if this is related at all but... I have what is almost certainly a hardware fault with my Orange SPV E650 whereby the backlight seems to turn off when pressing certain keys and the screen image corrupts (goes a funny half-monotone colour). It's been quite intermittent, even getting better for a while before getting worse again, but it makes the phone extremely hard to use. I've notified Orange by email and they have told me to call 150. I would do except that I'm working in Denmark at the moment and won't be back in the UK until October :) I'll hopefully be able to get my phone replaced as soon as I'm back in the UK. If you think you have hardware faults it is probably worth contacting your suppliers to see if you can get replacements! Cheers, DEZ :> -
  13. Thanks to everyone for there comments/votes so far. And thanks to Illum for his notes on Li-Ion batteries. I've heard about this before, just find it hard sometimes to break out of the old habbits of full-discharge then charge I developed with my early Ni-Cad batteries :) Could I ask that when people Comment (and if Voting only leave a brief comment!) that they state which Version and Country of the device they have (e.g. Dutch E650 or German S710) so that we can build up an accurate idea of the different devices as possible! Thanks again and I'll be checking this thread daily for updates! Cheers, Derek -
  14. Hi there, Below I have written lots of details about my issues with poor battery life on my E650. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate it if you would answer the above poll and write your comments about the sort of battery life you get from your E650/S710/VOX and any thoughts/suggestions you may have? Thanks in advance for your help... - I got my Orange SPV E650 (HTC S710/Vox) from an Orange shop on Oxford Street at the end of June 2007. I was moving up from my increasingly decrepit SPV C500 and apart from the slight increase in weight I thought it would be a great move. I have been using (I should say persevering with) my E650 for several weeks now and I generally like the phone, apart from one HUGE issue. The battery life on my device sucks massively :) - If I leave the phone on my desk all day and do basically nothing with it (maybe a couple of texts/reminders) I get approximately 20 hours use before the battery dies. - If I use the phone like I want to (5-10 texts, 5-10 mins of calls, 5-10 mins of Bluetooth ActiveSync, around 90mins of Music via headphones) I get approximately 10-12 hours :P( I have read through the whole of the VOX board and have seen several topics refering to bad battery life but also several that say people are getting 2-3 days of usage. I have experimented with ACB Power Meter but not there is nothing which seems to be using more than expected (it peaks for Bluetooth/Calls/Texts) and I'm not sure of the validity of this tool anyway! I have reduced all the power management to the minimum settings and my backlight does go off correctly. I do not use Bluetooth for anything apart from the few minutes of ActiveSync and do not normally use WiFi at all (it dies in about 1-2 hours if I do!). I have quite a few custom programs installed but usually have all apps not running except for the few I use the most: SBSH Papyrus v11317, TCPMP v071 or WMP10 (wondered if one may be more bettery effificient but didn't seem so). I use the STEAM homescreen. I bought a second battery off of Ebay (from HK) and this seems to give me around 90% battery life as the Orange original one (which is about what I'd expect from a 3rd Party Chinese battery!). Important Detail: When I bought the phone the first 3-4 charging cycles were performed at my home in the UK. I normally live in Denmark though, so ever since then I have been charging it using the UK charger but with an adapter to 2-pin Euro Plug. I even briefly tried the charger from my old C500 (they seem to be rated almost identically) and it gave basically the same results I have tried charging it for 10-12 hours overnight, with the power on and off while charging. I have charged it from flat many times and from half full many times. My E650 Version Numbers ------------------------------ CE OS 5.2.1235 (build 17740.0.2.0) Radio Version: RIL Version: 2.002 -- So - what do people think? - 2 duff batteries? - UK Charger not working? - UK Charger not working as it is being used in Denmark? - Problems with charging components inside phone? Thanks again to everyone that answers the poll and comments below! Cheers, Derek -
  15. Following on from Awi's and FonZi's posts - are you going to be incorporating Danish and Swedish into this Language Pack? Cheers, DEZ :) -
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