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  1. Try OCK's Ones it should be nice . also check his blog for his rom archive , Enjoy
  2. Yes you can this rom has no Phone part ( BBHH1 in your case ) but it will be World Wide English rom it will not be portuguese anymore Have Fun
  3. Thanks Alot OCK for your great roms . it made me feel that my omnia is different that it was , anyway i have sold my Omnia with a pain in my heart :( ;) it's the time to move a little bit forward to HTC HD2 Really your roms was the best out there and the best i'v tried ( tried many though ) Have fun Guys with the best Chef ever existed
  4. Install attached cab , ock posted it a few pages back Disable_TouchInput_vibration.cab
  5. U could take a look at Ock's post to see how to get it . it wouldn't take a 1 minute of your time . ock already explained how to get ur city code anyway that's the code of Ankra 2343732
  6. you have to type the Zip Code into yahoo weather www.weather.yahoo.com then select your city . copy the last number into the URL of the city page u have choosed into the weather panel in the home screen , that's it
  7. what's your problem . just do a hard reset for your phone in Start >> Setting >>System >> Hard rest >> type 1234 then ok that will solve any problem u may have in AutoRun for XDA_UC folder
  8. after u have picked the application u want to add , u have to pick icon for that application u have choosed
  9. Great work as expected from you OCK , u are really the greatest chef here , anyway i don't know what omnia lover's will do if u stopped cooking .. it't not a compeliment and u know that :) thanks alot for your hard work for us . i tried to say what THANKS means in some words
  10. You don't need to Quote the Whole post to ask a question . if u can edit ur post again we'd be thankful
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