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  1. master , can you share how to tweak the UI or theme ? its awesome.
  2. i have checked over the acer.com and the gingerbread slot still empty . and do you have GEN2 . ? anyone try out this yet ? kernel updated ? internal storage infor ? notification LED works for all types of incoming texts ?like it used to be in the froyo 0049 stock rom ? sorry bad english . thanks
  3. <br /><br /><br /> dude .i did not try 2.3.4 . i came across from the stock 0049 rom .for my opinion . the internal memory have almost the same memory in between all the roms . but one thing for sure i can tell titanium pro did a great job . i m using 2.3.5 now with 35 apps installed and i manage to get around 50mb . try to use titanium pro to move 2 SD sorry for my bad english .
  4. try to google for this type of superuser root (su- this work for me
  5. Go to "Other" in Recovery menu and choose "Toggle signature verify" in order to Flash in "No signed check mode"
  6. thanks alot .problem solved ...i am a happy man now ...ROOTED
  7. thank your for the help .managed to root and chill ....thanks alot .
  8. hi , i have downloaded a superuser zip from apktop .ang got into recovery but when about to flash . it said cannot find the update script . sorry .i m newbie .
  9. hi ,thanks for the rom ..works like a charm .do you know how to root it ?
  10. hi all the masters here , i just upgraded to 2.3.5 everything was so smooth and no camera issue nor font issue that happened to 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 . i m so happy somebody post the link for 2.3.5- big thanks . can anyone provide a root procedure for me ?i used to stick with froyo stock 49 rom beucase i able to root it . but now i m in love with this 2.3.5 gingerbread ...anyone knows how to root this new rom ? sorry for my bad english .
  11. just owned a s120 a week ago . xD froyo stock 0049 Gen 2 - rooted . (count me in )
  12. hi , im new to the phone . can sometimes upload some picture ? and the bugs this new rom have ? thanks
  13. bro , i have downloaded the pda.bin file ... but how about the loader and the csc ? sorry ..i'm new
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