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    Orange to ditch Wildfire

    Another service "improvement" from Orange.... just as they start running TV ads about looking after their existing customers. If I didn't use WF so much it would be funny. But it isn't ;) The sad thing is that O once liked this technology so much, they bought the original comapny (Wildfire Communications Inc) - cost them $148 million back in 2000 A petition to save her has been started here "Wildfire" "Here I am!" "Do me a favour" "What kind of favour?" "I'm depressed" "I'm sorry, but my off switch is controlled by an accountant in France" <click>
  2. markd66

    Cell info display

    To add a new channel: First of all, check that you have the cellbroadcast plugin in your homescreen. The Windows Default and Windows Simple homescreens do have it, the Orange one does not. This is how it's called: <plugin clsid="{4e822425-a00f-497c-80ff-1c554665a369} " name="cooltext" height="20"> <scrolltext textsource="cellbroadcast"/> <background> <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/> </background> </plugin> Then follow these steps (from memory, so E&OE ^_^ ): 1) Start -> Settings -> Phone -> Channels 2) Tick Enable Channels & Receive channel list (although the latter will do nothing in the UK). 3) Menu -> Edit Channels (might say Add until you have added one, can't remember) 4) Menu -> Add 5) Tick Enable Channel, give it a description and then provide the channel that your network uses for Cell Broadcast. In the UK it's 50 for Vodafone, I think o2 use channel 200 still.
  3. markd66

    SPV E200 VS. P800/P900

    The C500 dust topic is here. I don't have too many problems with entering stuff - on both platforms I tend to stick to a few key words for reminders & appointments, and then I might add detail once the item has been synced to my laptop. T9 on the SPVs is far more intuitive (at least for me) than the implementation on the P900. Just out of curiosity, not considered the M1000/XDA II? Cheers, Mark.
  4. markd66

    SPV E200 VS. P800/P900

    I've had the SPV, E100, E200 and P900 (currently using the E200 & the P900). The P900 is currently my primary work phone and gets a lot of use. For me the biggest advantage of the MS platform is a practical one - the ability to work the phone one-handed. My biggest frustration with the P900 is the fact that UIQ makes it seem like a PDA with a phone grafted on - if I could access all the features of the phone with the flip closed it would be fine but I can't and I find this very frustrating at times. As I'm (seemingly) forever on the move, I'm rarely in a position where I can call or text using both hands - tried using handwriting recognition in any form whilst you are walking or carrying a laptop bag? Battery life - well I can kill the P900 battery inside a day. I'd say it's on a par with the E200s on current firmware, at least for my usage pattern. The Outlook integration of the P900 is pretty good - on a par with Activesync apart from the annoying "contact access" prompt which I know isn't SE's fault. Oh and the "synchronisation completed" box is kinda annoying..... Both UI's have their quirks, in a sort of IE vs Firefox vs Opera kind of way. One big problem I have with the P900 is the memory limitations (128Mb memory stick & 16Mb internal is a big restriction for me). The P900 has the edge when it comes to dealing with multiple mail accounts - but only with the flip open. With the flip closed the P900 is a royal pain for messaging e.g not able to select delivery reports. Both platforms have their issues with software & reliability - there are days when I can crash the P900 just by using the built-in calculator app. FWIW my P900 doesn't seem any better built than my E100 or E200 - both side panels started to creak after only a few days use. So for me it really comes down to not being able to live with a stylus/phon e combination on a day to day basis. The SPV just suits me better. On those occasions where I can use the stylus (planes & trains) the P900 works well and the ability to add diagrams to notes is handy. If I could get my unlocked E200 to actually accept my Voda SIM card then I would be using the E200 every day - no question. Once there's some progress on the C500 dust issues, and an unlock method is available, I'm sure I will be trading in the E200. Cheers, Mark.
  5. I unlocked my E200 over the weekend using Florins' excellent website. But (and you knew there was a but coming, didn't you :P) it seems that new(ish) Vodafone SIM cards cause an unlocked E200 to not boot correctly. With an O SIM card in the phone, it runs perfectly. With a Vodafone SIM card in the phone it doesn't boot - I get the Orange startup screen then the Windows Mobile splash screen, then it goes back to the Orange startup screen again and then back to the WM screen at which point it just sits there. Oddly the service LED is flashing green as if it's logged onto the network correctly. The same Voda SIM card works perfectly in several other (non-SPV) handsets. Another Voda SIM card that was connected around the same time causes the same problems. An old, expired, Voda PAYT SIM card works ok - the phone boots correctly and searches for a network (presumably if I left it long enough it would tell me Network Denied). A 3 USIM also works - phone boots and then roams onto O2. Anyone else come across somethning like this? Cheers, Mark.
  6. markd66

    Call barring password

    Gavin No amount of hard resetting or reloading firmware will make any difference - at least that's the theory :D I would try your SIM in another handset and see if you get different results from the Call Barring menu. If you do then a hard reset of your SPV would sound like the way to go. But I reckon that you'll get the same result and - regardless of what Voda tell you - you are actually barred from international calls. If they insist that you aren't, ask them to bar you and then remove the bar - see what happens. Cheers, Mark.
  7. markd66

    Call barring password

    default call bar password for orange is 111111 - hard reset will not help! Posted from my SmartPhone!
  8. markd66

    old search id sessions

    It's playing up again - intermittantly... Cheers, Mark.
  9. If you haven't already found it, there's a PDF with some more more info on the new kits here These are just what I've been looking for :) Does anyone know how many user profiles they support? There's a N**** kit (610) that looks similar to the CK3100 (it's about £100 more but it does have the buttons as a separate unit to the LCD, which might work better for some) Cheers, Mark
  10. No, it's not just you - it's me and [insert current MoDaCo membership figure] others as well. There is a slight complication in that no doubt the location and format of some of the IPSM and registry structures will have changed, but I can't believe it would be completely impossible to: a) dump the IPSM in it's entirety :lol: merge in any modifications needed to prevent the phone forcing a hard reset on boot up and then c) get the image back into the phone If you look at the files created by the backup utility they are all XML - so near and yet so far......... Cheers, Mark.
  11. I've got to say that (at least on initial impressions) the update does seem to have been worthwhile - at least for me. I haven't had any problems - GPRS works, SMS seems fine, battery life is certainly no worse than 1.5 and the menus are definately a bit nippier (the latter is often a side effect of a hard reset though) It's a shame that the poor backup utility lets it down - I'm annoyed now that I waited, as I ended up hard resetting anyway and I could have done that weeks ago. Cheers, Mark
  12. Anything that the backup tool considers to be an error is logged in a file called SDUTLog.txt which is in the same directory as the backup tool. To stand your SPV back up, take a look here - forget the restore until you have 1.6 installed on the phone and Activesync works. Cheers, Mark.
  13. You've got to ask yourself one question... Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya? (sorry, couldn't resist :lol: ) Cheers, Mark.
  14. My profiles got messed up as well - put the phone into the car kit this morning and it stayed on Normal. Later I put it into Silent and then couldn't get it back out again :shock: I deleted the modified profiles in IPSMApplication DataProfiles (default profiles are not stored there) and that sorted that one out. Clearly the backup tool is using the normal copy routines and hence is struggling with open files/objects when the OS is running. Every time I run it, different things fail to get copied. I should have guessed something was up when I noticed that the backup utility was using ActiveSync :roll: I think I'll be hard-resetting mine and starting again. (In fact I'll back it up *properly*, hard reset and then boot off my 1.5 backup SD and see if it sorts itself out - I did this for 1.3.7 to 1.5 and it didn't seem to cause any problems - and then start from scratch if I need to) Cheers, Mark.

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