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  1. dear

    i use you ROM (Ste-V-illagE-28014-M2Dv2-LZX-SLIM) and it's the best ROM.. but i have a problem on it, it's always hang.

    i change it to this ROM (PDhee_i900Omnia_23519_M2D_beta1) and there is no hang but i need to use your ROM because it's the most beautiful ROM i've ever seen,, could you please try to help me to fix the hang or how can i change the second ROM t

  2. you can find these stuff in "i900 General ROM discussion" » "Important Topics" or find from xda-developers... M2Dv2 is in "i9x0 Omnia" posted by sector. I did mention "Package Creator" by ervius for converting cab to package to cook into rom. All options are unchecked and you have to select each option to read the note (so that you can decide to or not to remove them). After removing original stuff, you can add your packages, edit registry... and serve your rom ;) (or not lol) actually auto-kill would occur when many processes are running. I've been trying to get the number of running processes lower and it seems you can have about 8 processes so that you can run more apps at the same time, except out of ram. received many feedback about that so it's included from now (to avoid you guys yelling at me hahah) I'M ON VACATION lol and when i'm back, FAT and LITEPURE are the gifts. Dont have money to bye BUNDLE for now. Open Clock and disable those alarms at 9pm. I think it would stop annoying you at that time. In the dialer, scroll to the contact you want to make video call and tap Option (the icon next to [X] button) and select Video Call. If it's grey, maybe you are out of 3G coverage OR you disabled 3G in Bands setting (in Settings » Personal » Phone » More) OR you disabled HSDPA (in Setting » Connection » HSDPA). Enable those would fix this.
  3. SORRY FOR REPLYING LATE BECAUSE I'M A LITTLE BUSY ON VACATION. WAS TRYING TO RELEASE GIFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS BUT FAILED. NEW YEAR'S GIFT SEEMS NOT TO BE IN TIME. SO MAYBE YOU WILL GET THOSE ROMS AFTER 1/1 :( TILL NOW NOTHING NEW, RAM OVER 50MB IF DISABLE SAMSUNG DIALER it's weird because mine works fine, update normally. There are many complaints about this. Maybe I need to start over from the official rom. Now you need to wait for more than couple days B) what do you mean "finding page effect"? is that the flip effect? you can tap on the other tab (named "Numeric" next to "Touch" tab) and type numbers. Launch CSDevCtrl and find some option like "disable full device lock". I'm replacing this app with another service so that rom has 1 more free process (important if you wanna you many programs at the same time). As I replied, screen orientation is disabled and forced to portrait in some programs because they have no landscape mode. But if you wanna disable this function, remove "Orientation" link in "\Windows\Startup\", restart then disable Motion Sensor in Settings. Compliments like this keep me from quitting cooking roms. And I've been trying to improve my roms follow your feedback (initially I cook for myself and share, now I cook for you guys lol) Does it happen when screen locked or unlocked? Because sometimes screenlock shows Unknown Caller and displays correctly after a few seconds (yes pretty laggy). Internet tab: install youtube, facebook and google to "My Storage" then you can launch from that tab. OR you can do as AnhPhe's guide (page 25 i think) to change to the place you install apps. There's more and more complaints about connection. Why it doesn't appear on mine so that I can find a way to fix :D Hope next release the roms can get rid of this. Next release you will find Original Clock app on first page. And keyboard would be the OmniaLite's one. Actually there's an app in my rom to make Swype default. But no more in next roms. You can try "IMSelector".
  4. Motion Sensor is DISABLE in some apps because those apps dont support landscape (M2D, some OmniaLite apps...) and those apps will change your screen to Portrait mode when launched. And I lose around 2mb RAM for this thing. Hope you guys like this!
  5. Sadly it lacks the last one. No Chinese input. thanks a lot! added to first page! you can find it HERE. There a new link in that thread leads to a newer version. please try again, or you the new mirror by aci666
  6. Anyone DONT have touchresponse problem? Anyone has a working TouchResponse? Please reply because mine works normally :( And please change some setting in touchresponde to check if it works :( thanks! heard that empty the DCIM can fix this problem. restore the folder back after scanning. thanks man ;) I saw a cross line in "I can say that this is so far the best rom" hahah a little sad but glad with "worth waiting for" ;) Internet/WiFi would have no problem. Please re-check settings on your fone (settings » connections). Restart your phone. I sometimes have this problem too. re-connect, reset, re-check the setting. M2D HomeScreen weather didnt work 1time for me. re-enable M2D in Today setting and check your connection again. IN SOME CASES HARD-RESET WOULD FIX!!! working on it, still cannot raise it above 50mb. do you have more RAM on other M2D roms?
  7. actually, Facebook, googlemap are cooked in FAT version (running on mine) with new icons too. Consider add Skyfire/Opera but maybe after Christmas ;) thanks for your welcome my friends :P your ROMs rock more :( I lost my htc audio manager last time, maybe I miss something. But it should work even I dont cook in. Try to install using the files from New Manila2D ver2.0 Build 1919.1432 (by sector) yes I'm disappointed too. Maybe I did compressed many things so that it takes a lot of RAM to load them. Trying to get it lower what apps did you install? and what you mean touchresponse not working? 1. still dont know why it didnt show in the launcher. maybe the icon has something... not normal :( 2. touchresponse works normally on mine. It's not working on your fone?
  8. not really ;) i'm waiting for some apps' update. Next release would include new menu, new homescreen weather graphics, some touch sensitive tweaks, OmniaLite's WidgetPlus, Facebook and GMap now onboard too. That makes new rom a lot bigger (mine has 86mb left) ;) so i'm confused between using some apps on "My Storage" or "Device Memory", and add or not the WidgetPlus? New ROMs would appear after Dec. 20 (graduate then ;)). May upload my current rom if you wanna try.
  9. it seems this is an old one. and not compatible with new smartmemo widget. anyway thanks alot!
  10. could anyone port SmartMemo? the memo widget doesnt work without this.
  11. à lúc download về thấy cái icon thời tiết của AnhPhe nhỏ hơn của omar vậy mà. những file mà AnhPhe mới thêm vô đó, hh_weather_home_20... hoặc là hh_weather_home_38...
  12. i asked omar for full homescreen weather graphics and u release before him. but, some weather icons are still small (the ones near the clock). could u make them bigger as omar's ones?? thanks a lot!!!
  13. thanks for this theme!!! a little much busy this month!! hope this compatible with Spam alert 2.1 :D
  14. hope u release soon because wheather here is mostly cloudy and hh_weather_home_38 is still the old small one so it display on the top left corner. your home weather graphics are awesome!!!
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