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  1. oldmanyoung

    Dark Video Recording

    I am wondering if this is normal or if it's me. Whenever i start recording a video from my i600, the camera suddenly looses all brightness and the picture turns dark. In the day, since there is plenty of light, it records with enough light though the picture is quite dark. But in the night it turns completely dark and only caputres sources that emites light. I find it strange because looking in the viewfinder before pressing record, there is proper light and brightness. But once i press record, the picture goes dark. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Hi guys...i just got a Samsung i600 (Ultra Messaging...whatever). I scouted through the Samsung website and found no software to update the firmware of the phone. I found this website through a friend, and i saw the thread about firmware updates. There is a software called i600uXXupdater.exe that people have been using to get new firmware updates (i am not talking about upgrading WM5 to WM6, just firmware updates for the phone). Can i use the updater for my phone? I have Windows 7 and it automatically installs Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync is not supported). My phone's firmware is i600JPGI1 (same for PDA, Eboot and Phone). How old is this firmware? Consider mine starts with 'J' and the newest firmwares starts from 'U', i think it is pretty old. So i would love to have the latest software running on my phone. I hope you guys can help me out! Thanks!

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