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  1. yes it still works but it in china language. leave top box as it is set You just need to enter model in second box. serial in third box. emi in forth box. for fith box type *#*#1357946#*#* into phone dial pad and enter the number it gives on the phone screen. Fill in capitcha and unlock code will be displayed below it after a few seconds just wait till it generates.
  2. arnookie

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    http://sun.roidbay.com/apks/root_master-english.apk Root master is vroot. :0) I'm safe posting this link I think. Sorry if its not.
  3. arnookie

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    OK because I tell you an easy way to root it sounds fishy? I really don't get that! but anyway vroot is so easy to get you don't really need a link. Just type in "vroot" on google search and download it. Simple! As for supplying the apk! Well to be honest I wouldn't want to break any forum rules. Don't believe me have a look here also top post page 30. Hope that helps. :0) Looks like this guy had similar who posted on page 30 of the how to root by Paul. Results 2 of mine rooted but a friends did not. my hudl's were purchased in nov 2014. My friend purchased his about 2 months ago. So not sure if that is the problem.
  4. arnookie

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    Just google vroot.apk That's all you need. Its one click root and works on nearly all devices and you don't need windows or Linux to do it. Its simple one click root. I have two hudl units and both rooted fine with vroot. but I do have a friend who says it failed for him. Just make sure you get the latest version.
  5. arnookie

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    Vroot apk roots the lollipop update fine. Don't know why your all saying can't be rooted!
  6. arnookie

    Android 5.1 has destroyed my Hudl

    Big changes in lollipop means you need to update all apps through play store. If that fails you will have to factory reset. I always fine wiping data and cache in all apps normally gets around a factory reset though. Unfair to say the update has destroyed your hudl 2 though!
  7. arnookie

    Real Racing 3

    long select app icon and go to info select it and then clear cache then clear data and try again. It should now download the needed data when you next run it. Should work after that. :0)
  8. Try reflash one of Pauls latest rooted roms.Sometime factory reset is not enough for wifi not turning on problem. I had this with other devices..
  9. arnookie

    Wanted: Hudl 2 forum area ambassadors

    Sure Paul I check the hudle 2 forums nearly daily. I'm already forwarding people from other forums and xda to modaco. I try help as much as I can in the forums.
  10. My contact with Tesco support. Subject Is boot loader Locked on Hudl 2? If it is can the software to unlock be given out? I would like to install a custom recovery on the Hudl 2. The main reason being that I would like to make a full rom backup. Also without an official download for a flashable recovery rom, its very hard to recover the Hudl 2 when things go wrong! Do you have any stock rom recovery zip for the Hudl 2, that can recover the Hudl 2 from boot? Can I also point out that because of the issues above it is having a negative effect on sales of the Hudl 2. Yours Faithfully. Russ. Discussion Thread Respose via Email () 12/06/2015 03.19pm Hi Mr Russ, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. As far as I am aware the boot loader is not locked. Regarding your other enquiries regarding software, I'm sorry to say that you won't be able to do any of these steps on the Hudl 2 and regrettably we wouldn't give this information out. If there is anything else I can help you with, Please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards Technical advisor Tesco Tech Support
  11. arnookie

    hudl2 does not charge

    If you still have charge issues after latest update then you have a hardware problem. Make sure you did a full recovery wipe if problem remains return your hudl 2 to Tesco for repair. This latest update fixes the software charge issue hardware faults need repair service.
  12. arnookie

    hudl2 does not charge

    That was the point I was trying to make. Most multi port chargers split the charge. hence the slow charging. You often find the 2amp ports feed only 500ma. most often they supply 1amp through the 1 amp ports. but only 500ma on the 2amp. I don't know why apart from multi port charges are often rated Higher than they actually are and even if rated at 2amp they share it between all the ports. Also the more devices you plug in the less milliamp will be drawn by the device because the amps are shared. I find most multi port charges when tested with a meter give the best milliamp through the port marked 1amp. If you look closely at the amp on the chargers label and it says ie 2amp or 2.5amp, That is its maximum power. So even if it has several ports stated to be 2.0 amp you will only get that if only one device is plugged in.
  13. arnookie

    hudl2 does not charge

    For the Hudl 2 to charge properly! You need charger rated at 2amp. Many phone chargers are 500ma or 1amp. these are not powerful enough for the hudl 2. It must be a single socket usb charger. If it has more than one output then it most likely shares 1amp through each port not enough for the hudl 2 because it needs 2amp to charge at full speed! You also need a usb cable that supports 2000ma supply current. Pound shop usb cables are all 500ma or 1000ma. These are not powerful enough for the hudl 2. So if you are using a pound shop or cheap cable you will have charge problems! You need a 2 amp rated cable or 2000ma plus a 2amp charger.
  14. arnookie

    hudl2 does not charge

    The latest update fixes the charging issues. It now charges fine even under load. Also Battery lasts longer. :0-)
  15. arnookie

    So you've just rooted your hudl 2...now what?

    Xposed because with this you can customise just about everything on your hudl 2 or other devices. Best plugins := youtube adaway, advanced power menu, obb on sd (allows you to play large game data ie gameloft games from sd card). external sd card fix. Many more plugins

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