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  1. For me it not boot after int2ext install. Then in CWM I mounted sd-ext, and it worked.
  2. I've tried INT2EXTplus-C3C0-20130319 , but the Partition info says /sd-ext(EXT) Unavailable. The sd-ext formatted succesfully in the recovery. How to make it work? Solution: CronMod-INT2EXT_signed.zip place the system\etc\init.d\40int2ext to the rom directly, not flash it separate. After it the phone is use the sd-ext. But 0byte/0byte... Thanks for the rom! Why the extended reboot menu is gone? (Reboot to recovery and so on...) I've found it, in Developer options...
  3. tilal6991, Mohamed Atiea thank you all for the new rom It is the best rom for our Skate, on the market, so I think you can be very proud.
  4. Pls. not misunderstood. I know he is working. And I respect him and his work! But it' like you say to the child that he will get and update, he will wait for it, and he will disappointed, when he's not getting one.
  5. "A new update coming today ..." Why you write that again, and after that no update. It is the second time. We're just waiting and hoping, and anothing happens. I mean no update. I understand that it is hard to develop, but just release it when it is done. Without any warning. Respect.
  6. Is there a setting exists in this rom to mute the ringtone when the phone turned face down?
  7. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xp2vfh_zte-mifavor-android-ui-video_tech
  8. Why it is 3 different size with same name?? 2,7Mb , 2,8Mb and 8,3Mb
  9. Could anybody direct me the right way to edit, mod the cwm recovery?
  10. For me does not show ROM Manager Premium (v5.0.0.2) phone model Skate. I wonder why?
  11. Thx, for me it is working OK. It is possibe to mod like MoDaCo version, to have only 1-1 yes and no? Remove all the extra "No's" from the confirmation screens. Package to update from CMW: Mediafire link
  12. For me the wifi says Disabled ,when I want to connect to my router with v.3.5. Never was this problem before.
  13. I know the are in different sizes, but with Medion they give that holder. No Medion user said that the phone is not fit in it.
  14. I think the Medion holder is the same as Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S, HR24913 holder.
  15. Skate doesn't have front camera, so you can not video chat.
  16. The holder looks good, perfectly fit to our phone. We need this. Why they don't sell it separately ??
  17. Nobody knows how the locking system works? I can not understand that there is a cefs.mbn, that can't read out from the phone with computer (and you can flash only with the exe method), BUT when you enter on the phone 16 numbers it is easily mod itsef. It is impossible!
  18. "And what has this to do with the topic?" :D
  19. Nothing, ZTE will send the phone to China to replace it is unrepairable.
  20. ZTE released Monte Carlo software online upgrade tool(orange) at 2011-11-21. My link
  21. Thanks, I didn't noticed that post. Now clear for me too. Anyway, our forum partner (ZTE tester) created a brick when he applied the original ZTE TPT. He said the process was done 100% success and after that the phone never woke up again. It was a carrier free version directly from ZTE, max. a month old.
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