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  1. Taril could make it work for G6 and G7 rom (: if you can it would be great! Thanks once again even tho it dont work on my G6 rom ):
  2. Alright, i try to flash to the 6.5 rom. i been wanting to change to 6.5 but i am afraid i may bricked my device ): i shall read the intruction carefully then! thank you alot!! (:
  3. Hi! I'm using I8000XXIG6 and i did not install SPB mobile shell or what so ever. clean omnia 2 but i install the cab and soft reset. didnt work for me ): can anyone help me. i really want threaded sms. non-threaded msg really suck! pls help thanks in advance!
  4. sorry,i tried to go to this thread but it tell me 403 forbidden? any idea? sorry to bother. kinda new to window mobile.
  5. Can i use a window Vista to flash ROM? i dl one of the rom but the installer is for XP. any idea?
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