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    Major Issues with my S2

    OK, so I booked the phone in for repair. A couple of days later the Bag arrived to send it back to the Service Centre. But in the meantime, just as mysteriously as the faults had developed, they all went away! How strange. I had to cancel the repair. Lets hope it stays well.
  2. tmohammad

    Major Issues with my S2

    thats what I'm going to do... I just thought I'd ask on here in case someone has seen this before. One day it was working the next day its screwed! If it were software related, then the factory reset would have sorted it... Can harware problems arise out of the blue? I did not drop it or anything! Just weird!!
  3. My phone has been working perfectly until last Sundaywhen the following faults started to show on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Most of them are intermittent. It is under warranty but I'd rather not part with it if its a simple fix! • Sometimes it wont power up or charge at all, at other times when charging, I see a battery icon with 5 white dots underneath, and yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. • the 'MTP Application' screen that comes up when plugged into a computer via the data cable pops up on my phone even though the phone has not been plugged in. • Sometimes the green battery icon on the notification bar indicates that the battery is being charged, even though the phone is not connected to a charger or PC! • Phone will not stay turned off, when I turn it off it automatically turns itself back on. Even if I take the battery out, and put it back in it will still turn itself back on. • The voice-driving app keep starting by itself. • I have rebooted, taken battery out even done a factory reset. Still same problems occur! • Sometimes the screen becomes totally unresponsive, I cant unlock the phone nor do any of the buttons work. I have to take battery out to make it respond again! • Battery life is really erratic. Mostly OK, but at times, it sucks up huge amount of battery life (30-40%) in a matter of minutes! Please help! I am lost without my beloved SGS2!
  4. tmohammad

    Notification LED

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm on the stock Orange ROM.
  5. A quick question for you experts out there! Is there a way of getting the LED notification light to flash when an event has taken places (missed call, calendar reminder or new text message for example). The LED would be a lot more useful if it could do this. As it is, there is no way of knowing if you need to attend to anything if the phones screen is off (ie locked). Each time you come back to the phone, the power key must be pressed to see if something has happened. Thanks in advance.
  6. My Omnia Lite was playing up recently so I decided to do a Hard Reset. Its has the original WM6.5 ROM with touchwiz interface. Post reset, It works fine except the fact that the battery life is crap now. I used to get at least 3 days from it before with moderate use, but since the reset, I hardly manage to get 24 hours and thats with hardly any use at all! I was so happy with my Omnia before as its the first WM phone to offer me such long battery life. I am really gutted now! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  7. tmohammad

    Light Notification

    Thanks for the reply, I know how to activate them, the issue I have is that if you get a call or SMS whilst the phone screen is off, the screen will turn on andf then show the notification flashes.... But if you are away from the phone and the screen goes off again, then the notification lights go off too! Surely thats wrong... The screen should go off but the lights should continue to notify you! When I get back I have to manually turn the screen on ang then I see the notification lights flashing! I think Samsung screwed up there! It was not like this on my previous WM phones, the flashing LEDs remained on all the time irrespective of whether the screen was on or off!
  8. I have recently bought the B7300 and I think its a lovely phone for the price. Prior to this almost all my phones have been HTC devices. As aI'm new to the Touchwizz/Samsung interface, I have a couple of queries.. I cant understand if its possible to get into the Full Windows setting as Touchwizz only allows a selection of settings to be altered (Eg in regular windows, you can adjust the size of text on the Screen settings. In touchwizz you cant. But that a minor niggle. Can I update the touchwizz to the latest 3.0? If so how? The main issue I have is with the notification light. If the screen is off then the notification light is off too! With the HTC devices, if I had a missed call, I would see it regardless of whether the screen was off or not (On the HTC diamond, I used to get a flashing white light that signified a missed call or new text message). Am I misssing a setting somewhere? As I really would like my phone to inform me that I have a missedcall without having to activate the screen! Also I read somewhere that Samsung is releasing WM 6.5.3 for its Omnia II in May. I cant seem to find anything about the lite even though its part of teh Omnia family! Thanks in advance.
  9. tmohammad

    New T-Mo ROM Imminent?!

    I sent T-Mobile UK an email query via their web site asking when the new ROM was likely to be available in the UK (As its already available in Germany and Czechslovakia). They replied saying that there will be no ROM update!!
  10. tmohammad

    New T-Mo ROM Imminent?!

    This is already available for download on the Czech T-Mobile site here: http://t-mobile.cz/Web/Residential/T-Mobil...ileMdaCompactIv Anyone got any ideas when T-Mob UK will release this?
  11. Thanks mate, that worked 100%. By the way, what does the proxy server do? And why do T-Mobile set it in that restrictive way? I dont know if its related, but I can use my MSN messenger too now. I tried a few times before but could not get to the logon screen! Thanks again.
  12. I have an MDA C4 on T-Mobile UK. Whan I go into the browser and type in a https address (ie secure web page) opera closes down. Anyone else having this problem? I go onto ebay OK then it dies when I try to login to my account. Any views or fixes will be much appreciated ;)
  13. I have an MDA C4 on T-Mobile UK. Whan I go into the browser and type in a https address (ie secure web page) opera closes down. Anyone else having this problem? I go onto ebay OK then it dies when I try to login to my account. Any views or fixes will be much appreciated.
  14. Voda UK have released a ROM upgrade and I understand that the O2 version comes with 1.93 ROM and 05 radio out otf the box! Orange & TMob seem to be dragging their heals. Come on T MOB... do the honourable thing and sort out your phones!!!! T-Mob tech services sent me this email: Subject: Compact 4 ROM Update Hi There I have spoke with the escalations team who are looking into weather or not he HTC rom would invalidate the warranty as we don’t have any immediate plans (that generally stretches 3 months) to release one. Regards
  15. Wow... update from TMob so quick...... Never known them to move so fast. I'll believe it when I see it though!!!!

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