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  1. Hi OCK New Builds Coming Soon...excited as this will be my last update to my i900 as I now have an Iphone4. Thanks for providing new ROMs to keep my/our i900 alive!!
  2. to select the city in SPB MS, add the weather widget if you have not done so. tap on the weather and will bring you a new panel and type in the city you want. much more user friendly than M2D.
  3. Yonn, any chance of the new release minus DROID PRO+ 2 by DOC3000 & MSKIP Skin for SPB ? DOC3000 from xda will release DROID PRO+ 2 on 03/12/2011 and I like the flexibility of having control of SPB and DOC3000's theme. Great work and well done ..
  4. Hi OCK, any free time to build 28244 AKU5310 Windows CE: 5.2 Build 5224 (Oct 24 2010 15:57:09) - Titanium-Premium version ? This will suit SPB3.5.5 with DOC3000 DROID PRO+ by DOC3000 & MSKIP
  5. DOC3000, eagerly waiting for your new themes.
  6. +1.. full physical kb is a must for me. my direction would be the desire or desire-Z but would like to wait and see what the price is for the desire-Z.
  7. Hello OCK, I like your style and taste of your new release ECLIPSE - Build 23118. Thank you for the hard work and hope you could continue your built to keep us alive. Edit - Thought, I missed the threated SMS in Build 23129
  8. For the PhoneEX dialer, there are a few themes available from iconsoft site where you can download themes (in cab file) for free. Check this site out. You need to have Spam alert installed first. http://www.iconsoft.com/?language=en&m...b6edc6b63d1a291
  9. Good morning OCK, very nice work and impressive new look. Will there be a M2D in the original theme (like the 23563) ?
  10. yes, flashing is quick but re-installing apps/backup data and setting up takes at least 30 minutes. good news OCK... nice to see you have a few supporters here eagerly waiting you new release(s)
  11. looking forward to the new release... ^.^ but getting late in Australia.. may have to wait for tomorrow :( THANKS IN ADVANCE OCK...
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