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  1. Using lite and I have a problem with Windows Media Player when i go to now playing or library it's constantly blinking and returning me to top very annoying!
  2. I am trying to make a .lnk files or by some other way a couple of files that when started the first one plays/pauses S2P, the second one plays next song and the third one is for the previous song. There are such files for Windows Media Player. Can the same be made for S2P and how. Oh and I Found this in S2P FAQ. I tried googling Windows Message but I didn't found any good info/ Here is how to control S2P through Windows Message: Play/Pause: WM_COMMAND, 301 Next: WM_COMMAND, 302 Previous: WM_COMMAND, 303 Volume Up: WM_COMMAND, 403 Volume Down: WM_COMMAND, 404 Fast Forward: WM_COMMAND, 408 Fast Backward: WM_COMMAND, 409 Can this help to make these files
  3. No one is answering me and I am still keeping the phone plugged in. At least could you tell me if I try to disconnect it and then connect will it brick?
  4. I have a big problem. I am flashing my Omnia i900 using VMware virutal machine. I am intsallig 21686 Lite by steff195 Everyting was runnng good as every other time while it stucked at 39% and the activesync says not connected. But when I go to VM menu -> removable devices there is Samsung USB device. I don't know what to do i have left my phone connected beacuse I dont know will it brick if a disconect it but nothing is happening just stuck at 39%.
  5. Sorry forgot to mention 6.5 ROM Also could you recommend me good radio rom with good wifi signal and battery life, best balanced. Thank you!
  6. Ok guys I have a simple question and I hope someone could answer me. I am searching for lite rom which is very stable no bugs at all and very fast. That's all I need i want very good striped out ROM which won't make me any troubles and i will customize it myself :(
  7. The phone started working again by itself. Could the problem be of the moisture?
  8. Sometimes it just resets and very rarely you can hear the sound when the phone asks for the PIN code and resets again.
  9. Big Problem! I was with your M2D rom but I re-flashed (Correctly) with you newest Utlra Lite rom(A week ago). I've puted WAD2 pecco's WP7 theme for WAD2 resco explorer, nitrogen player, resco photo viewer, finger keyboard, no data and clean ram. And WP7 themes for finger keyboard,nitrogen player and resco explorer, And a start-up animation for WP7. After that I went on vacation and used phone only in my room I didn't carry it anywhere and didn't install or uninstall any things, just for talks. And on the third day I've saw it is off I've put it one the charger and when I turned it one it shows me "Omnia" sometimes the start-up animation and self-resets again. From where could be the problem.
  10. Use cleantemp it cleaned to me like 70% of the used device memory google it and you will find it.
  11. Thanks for info. But I still have questions ;). I've decided to make themes for the omnia lite applications(to remake them). I've started with the sound manager. I opened it with the Wince Cab manager extractet the two dll's than opened them with Res Hacker but I can't understand anything inside. Only things like this. 0000AB14 E9 03 02 00 FE FF 40 9C 04 00 10 00 05 00 00 00 й•••юя@њ•••••••• 0000AB24 FF FF FE FF 41 9C 04 00 18 00 E8 03 00 00 00 яяюяAњ••••и•••• How to change font color background and everything? Oh I didn't understood the part with signing what it does? How it's done?
  12. How to open cabs? I've downloaded one dialer. And opened it with winrar so I could change some images and etc. I understand the file setup.xml and can open it. But at what language is it writen or where I can read some commands so I can edit it. And my other problem is the other files are unkown 0CAB1975.001 0CAB1976.002 0CAB1977.003 0CAB1978.004 and so on to 45 and one file GRADDB~1.00 In the setup.xml there are lines like this - <characteristic type="96_vibration_glyph.png" translation="install"> - <characteristic type="Extract"> <parm name="Source" value="0CAB1076.002" /> <parm name="WarnIfSkip" /> </characteristic> </characteristic> I suppose this installs the images but why the picture "96_vibration_glyph.png" is extracted from the file "0CAB1076.002". And what is more special for this file "0CAB1076.002" why it isn't just a picture. Oh and I have something more I can't understand. What exactly are doing this lines. They are at the beginning of the document. It's a dialer from Krazy Radd. - <wap-provisioningdoc> - <characteristic type="Install"> <parm name="InstallPhase" value="install" /> <parm name="AppName" value="N.R. GRADD Blacklight w.WhiteBG" /> <parm name="InstallDir" value="%CE1%\N.R.\GRADD VS. Terminator v.1" translation="install" /> <parm name="NumDirs" value="1" /> <parm name="NumFiles" value="45" /> <parm name="NumRegKeys" value="4" /> <parm name="NumRegVals" value="4" /> <parm name="NumShortcuts" value="0" /> </characteristic> - <characteristic type="FileOperation"> - <characteristic type="%CE2%" translation="install"> <characteristic type="MakeDir" /> - <characteristic type="SECDialer.dll" translation="install"> - <characteristic type="Extract"> <parm name="Source" value="0CAB1075.001" /> <parm name="WarnIfSkip" /> </characteristic> </characteristic> I think I understand the other things. But I still have some leaks ;) So if you could explain the things I've asked I would be very thankful. ;)
  13. IF there is I will find ;) but why do you hate it. What are the cons of that theme. What makes you hate it?
  14. Thanks for replies ;). Some of you sad WAD some throttle launcher but I've decided to use this theme. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...001#post6153001 It's a throttle launcher. But I like that it is developed very much. Has the windows 7 phone buttons and many more. It looks good I will try WAD too but first it will be the throttle launcher.
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