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  1. Can`t get to update my country or any other city weather in the SPB shell , where it is updated in both SPB Weather & SPB traveller. Could someone guide me to solution , as i ahve used SPB shell more than 6 months ago & i had no problem with weather update. Thanks,
  2. Yonn, Have you dropped the new upcoming SPB rom or is still planned ? :P Really waiting for your new rom whatever the flavor will be. :D
  3. Yonn, Any updates or sceen shots for your coming rom ?
  4. Hi Yonn, Really nice looking one you are coming up with, just a suggestion " don`t know if others will support this " - can you decrease the spaces between Weather, notification bar & calender - to enable second row of icons , as this gives a wide variety of shortcuts . Just my opinion. Thanks again for your lovely work.
  5. Hi Yonn, Hope that you have finalized your Boss`s additional tasks successfully :P , with some kind of appraisal from his side , to end up with a very nice looking rom for us from your side. Just one request, could you please build this upcoming rom on 21682 build as feedback on this series is quite satisfactory. Thanks,
  6. Yonn, Hope nothing is going bad, or you have got rid of your Omnia ;) , really waiting for your come back with a new version, still on your awesome M2D sense & looking for the upcoming GTX one as promised when time permits :)
  7. Delete " Berlin" from the weather tab, then add your city , then updated the home weather it will show your city.
  8. Hi Yonn, Still waiting eagerly for your new GTX build, could you please update on the development stage of this one.
  9. I managed to get rid of the black bar and that gives extra space .. Can be used for other plugins such as missed call name and number :lol: What you think guys... That`s a new idea which looks good to me, also your task bar looks so good, waiting for the GTX version as promised earlier.
  10. Hi Yonn, Very nice rom , but i am unable to change the background as it is too colorful for my eyes, could you guide me the best way to change it , as i have tried through M2DC , but was unable to do it.
  11. Hi Yonn, Any updates on your coming rom ? waiting eagerly for it :P :)
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