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  1. Hi, Master P_DHee, I am using your M2D rom and travel to bangkok for vacation in these few days. I found that the name of the Thailand city in weather tab is in Thai. It is difficult for me to add Bangkok city to the weather tab. Can you translate the Thai in English?Thanks a lot! Bt_fans
  2. Hi PDhee, I've tried I) M2D v2 ROM :: Build 21889.5.0.87 (Com 2). I found that the sensitivity is lower than 23518 M2D. The HTC calculator is still not working in my phone both in using 21889 or 23518. Anyway, thanks a lot!
  3. PDhee, thanks for your good work. Can you cook a rom with ccomm and titanium weather? I've tried to install these cab, but it doesn't work. SPD Shell cannot connect to facebook to get the contact photo in WM 6.5.3, right? can it be fixed?
  4. The rom is great. after using 2 days, i found that the easy today launcher disappear. How to restart that launcher? The usage of program memory is quite high, it's about 69mb. Only 27mb available. m2d tp_config and the HTC cal can't work properly. the mail notification line (under the easy today launcher) is in black color, it is very difficult to see the content. How can I change the character into white in color? in word 2010, i can't make a selection of the characters by my stylus. Is it a bug of word 2010? the icon of keyboard selector is just a white box, is there any suitable icon for this function? Moreover, everytime I try to switch my keyboard to another, it take over 10 second to show the list. How can i make it faster to switch the keyboard? Many thx!
  5. Very Good rom. Thanks for sharing. You look young & smart. I just want to report the HTC cal is not function. The google map is not installed properly. I have to reinstall a new version. The M2D TP_config is in Thai only, no English. I don't know how to use it. However, your rom is the most smoothly one that I ever used before. Thanks again. Good job. bt_fans from HK
  6. Master Sector, Your rom is great. I've downloaded the DXID1_23504_Hades_NeoTitanium.7z from rapidshare in my office. The download is complete but the rar file cannot be opened. The error message seems "no archieve.....". When I come back home, I can't download the DXID1_23504_Hades_NeoTitanium.7z from rapidshare. The free user quota is also full. Can someone upload the above rom to somewhere for download? Many thx!
  7. Dear WAIKIKI, Thanks for your reply. After I flashed the rom, I do the same procedure as you. But when I try to config the internet setting, I can't see the word "internet" in the selection box. Both secot rom and Flotanium rom have the same problem. Only the Anzo rom "show" the word "internet" in the selection box. I think this is the different between these roms. Maybe sector roms and flotanium rom cannot load the wifi driver of my omnia. Is it possible?
  8. Dear Ron, Thanks again! But I don't have the list of the operator. It is blank. Nothing to select. Any other suggestion?
  9. Dear WAIKIKI728, Thanks for your reply. I don't want to believe that my Omnia i900 have the problem. : P I've tried Anzo's rom 23075 & 23081. Both of them work fine. I just wonder what is the different between Anzo's roms and sector's roms and Flo Tanium Roms. I found that after I flashed the above roms (sector's and FloTanium's), i can't see the word "internet" in the dialog box when I config the internet setting. But the wifi can be still connected. And the IE browser cannot connect to internet by wifi nor gprs. The resco update can work fine in this situation. So strange! I've tried to reset several times. No change. I think the link is broken between the software and the internet. Something is missing in the sector's roms and Flotanium rom. Right? :D
  10. both 23075 & 23502. I've also tried sector's 23064. Same problem. Only the Anzo's roms are ok. The problem is most of the softwares(IE, google map...) cannot connect to internet even you have a network(neither wifi or gprs). But the resco update is ok. I think something is missing in the connection setting. :D
  11. Dear Ron, Thanks for your advice. But i have the same problem after I flashed sector's 23064. I can only connect to internet when I tried Anzo's 23075 ans 23081. Other 23075 & 23081 roms have the same problem of sector's 23064.
  12. The rom is very nice, but I can't connect to internet nor gprs. I have the same problem with sector's rom. Only the Anzo's rom works in my phone. Any idea?
  13. After I finished to try the 23075 and 23081, I can't connect to internet in both roms. Any idea?
  14. Can you release more download links? The links you provided are not always function. Can you release a FTP site for download? Thanks
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