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  1. i agree with lisbian but not because i have the droid1...it's your criteria, "cheap used android phone that I can mess with, flash upgrade." AFAIK, D1 and the N1 are the only STOCK android out of the box--no GUI overlay, no bootlock, etc. this makes them accessible and ideal for the modding community. moreover, because D1 has a 'slower' processor than N1, it will be the cheapest. however, like the omnia, it has a strong mod community that will easily be around for as long as the omnia. heck, if $$$ was no issue, i'd likely stick with my D1 until battery/charging tech improves--it's the final barrier. higher processor speed and bigger display is meaningless if it makes you anal about battery-drain and OCD for the newest battery tweak/hack. my 2 cents.
  2. Google will always have Mobile Apps for windows platform; however, it's naturally not the same experience compared on android platform. some Google service features on windows will never feel integrated--voice, voice+SMS, picasa [aka web gallery], mail+contacts+calendar sync/push, etc. if you've fully leveraged Google services, then android OS is a no brainer. if you've distributed services among different hosts [hotmail, flickr, etc], then your mileage may vary.
  3. i've decided to keep the droid, and let the new releases with their battery-hungry snapdragon 1ghz processors and various skinnings duke it out amongst themselves. those of you on the fence between motorola droid and N1. here's a great display-benchmark test pitting N1 with droid and iphone 3gs. spoiler alert--Droid Does.
  4. i think the end-result of fully discharging a new battery [and periodically after that] is a more accurate calibration between the phone's firmware and the battery for day-to-day charging. the phone's firmware will more accurately 'know' when the battery is truly topped off. my experience since the full discharge matches this. prior to discharging, it would have 50% after 12hrs, now it has 70% remaining. if you use alot of MS services then WM7 will be it [xbox live, myphone, hotmail, etc]. if you use alot of google services then the droid is it. google voice integration is seamless and now has real-time SMS push [an android OS exclusive].
  5. i've been test-driving the DROID [option to exercise 30-day return]. because of the hyper-speed of innovation since the i910's release, it's apples to oranges so i'll omit comparisons. however, some negative misconceptions about the DROID can be put to rest. 1. flaky camera auto-focus--current production releases have 2.01 installed, and i've not experienced any issue. 2. battery hatch lose--current production releases have added a thin rubber pad underneath, so it's snug and secure. 3. horrible battery life [<12hrs]--i easily get that and more with normal usage [voice, web-surfing, enabling GPS, BT, WIFI, aut-sync when needed, etc]. moreover, after a 12hr day, i had 50% remaining so i thought it would be a good time to condition and train the new lithium battery by draining it completely. so with 50% remaining, i enabled BT, WIFI, GPS, maximum display lighting, and played non-stop youtube videos. with all the battery-hogging features enabled, it took an add'l 2hrs before it finally shut down. 4. call quality [inbound/outbound]--i haven't been able to duplicate the tinniness some reviewers have described. 5. sliding keyboard keys not well-designed--compared to what layout? BB and its clones? G1 and its clones? i type SMS, email [but NOT novels] just fine with it and the virtual KB. so with all the buzz about upcoming smart-phones with 1GHZ processors, 512 ROM/RAM specs, will i return the DROID for one of those? likely not, because... 1. nexus 1 isn't supported by a brick-and-mortar store. i have to navigate through Google's and HTC customer service and deal with finger-pointing. 2. anything with a skinned android [senseUI] can expect delays when rev. updates are released since HTC will have to modify the skin. 3. sure it may say 1GHZ but it's under-clocked [from 200 to 700GHZ] to conserve battery. innovation makes something slow go fast, but not vice-versa. 4. it's hard to go back to plastic bodies once you go DROID with its steel frame 5. if MS wasnt sitting on a mountain of cash to sustain buzz and recover from missteps with WM7, it would be in a death spiral like palm. 6. BB is truly in a quandary as the android and iphone slowly but surely make themselves more enterprise-friendly and secure. god only knows what google has up their sleeves and when the DROID will no longer be included in their future releases. the heat and battery consumption associated to 1GHZ processor is a technological ceiling that no one has yet to break. therefore, the new buzz is the radio chip inside [LTE/4G/wimax/etc].
  6. HW-wise i almost agree. the omnia i910 is a phone we will fondly remember when we ALL inevitably move on. as i mentioned in my own topic, if it had capacitative screen, microUSB, and 3.5mm jack [really, just those three], i would've easily stayed put...easily.
  7. that's what makes it really hard to part with my omnia. as an amateur photographer, the omnia's camera is still one of the best. however, it's not the camera features [iSO sensitivity, image stabilizer, etc] but the person behind it that makes a good picture, and i hope/pray the droid will at least allow that because on some phones' cameras, no matter how right you do it, the picture always comes out wrong. ASFAIK, the android 2.01 update has patched the well documented auto-focus issue.
  8. so i finagled a 2yr contract renewal [incl. phone discount], and am awaiting the moto droid. if you got your omnia before 11/01/09 then your ETF is still $135. it's a compelling bargaining chip--i told them dollar and cents-wise, it would be cheaper for me to cancel with them and go somewhere else and take of advantage of other carriers' new activation phone discounts. i researched HARD, and it was down to android or BB. unforunately, with BB OS5.0 in the horizon, software developers are holding off their updates [ie--evernote, qik, etc.] until its official release and list of models are official. moreover, i read reviews on newer BB models [ie-tour 9630] that all complained of short battery life compared to older models [curve 8330]. in the past, long-battery life was the BB's strength; however, as RIM adds on more features and eye-candy, it is finding itself in the same boat as other emerging smart phones. the android platform is ideal for me since since i fully utilize google's services [picasa, gmail, gvoice, etc]. so it boiled down to choosing an existing model [eris, nexus1, G1, droid]. Eris's is great except for its glaringly poor battery life among its peers. nexus1 customer support is too convoluted. G1 is on a carrier that i feel doesnt match big red's coverage, so that left me with the droid [with its warts and all]. plus, android's update/upgrade roadmap will include the droid much longer than the eris and G1. holding off on a senseUI-skinned HTC wasnt appealing either since HTC needs to mod android upgrades to SenseUI first THEN release the upgrade. ASFAIK, droid and nexus are bare-bones; consequently, at the front of the line for upgrades. i will miss the omnia's high, quality build and HW components--very hand-held friendly, SD-card storage, dedicated camera button [w/quick&long press options], start-end call buttons, optical mouse, amazing camera, powerful battery, customizable Main menu bottom [quick&long press]. if samsung had come out with an omnia replica with an android platform and just a few HW upgrades [capacitative screen, 3.5mm headphone jack, standard micro-usb, GPS], i would've chosen it in a heart beat. i am sensing a common strategy with all platform developers [ala iphone and BB]--control the HW and diversity as much as possible. HTC needs to trim its line otherwise it risks fueling the osborne-effect, and confusing consumers with its steady stream of new releases.
  9. +1 IE6. i've used Opera since it fit on a single floppy disk [for desktop], and naturally have used its mobile version. however, with the latest versions [upto v10b3], i wasn't satisfied with the rendering of seemingly basic mobile Google web layouts [igoogle, Google homepage, Google reader, etc.]. so i compared with IE6, and found it renders noted pages with more finger-friendly font sizing, is more responsive when tapping links, similar Program memory footprint, and launches more quickly than Opera. your mileage may vary.
  10. @peperonikiller: something to consider for your next build: 1. 28223 [lior's] has been rock solid and IMO a good candidate. 2. it could be showcase-related. lior's 28223 doesn't have it cooked in. it's one thing that seemingly every chef seems to cook in, so perhaps it's a conflict with it and 2354x branch. cosmetics aside, the plumbing is definitely different. for example, i use evernote which consistently installs and fully functions on 282xx but never has fully functioned on 235xx.
  11. a few months [and ROMs back], i was able to reproduce by 'dropping' the phone [ie-1/4 inch] like you would with keys, change, etc. when emptying your pockets unto a table. initially, i thought the HW was failing and as luck would have it, a new build was released and i flashed to it and issue has not re-appeared since. your mileage may vary, but i suspect either a software i installed or the rom itself corrupted the accelerometer drivers, and the sudden g-force would shut it down.
  12. thanks for snapshots, 34MB Free Program ['RAM'] seems on par for running touchflo. mine hovers ~45MB Free, but i only use Home screen Today OEM and 3rd-party plugins [ie--messaging, google search app, etc].
  13. just when i think i'm on the wagon, storm's rom gets me itching. hopefully, he'll get around to listing apps cooked in. until then... @all: 1. does the photo tab work? 2. is showcase task manager cooked in? 3. how much free Program memory is available? not Storage. 4. is irishlaxer's post [03/06 19:02] referring to the 'sleep of death' of past roms? thanks in advance.
  14. if you got your omnia before 11/09 then your ETF is only $135. if after then, it's $350. i'm in the former group, and this has really got me DIGGING hard in research and forum-lurking. however, the more i dig and lurk, the more i realize giving up the omnia i910 is NOT so easy. if you thought last year was busy with new makes and OS udpates, wait till this summer. *verizon is desperately trying to clear their stock of droids and eris with BOGO offers. *google nexus is a clusterf*ck when it comes to customer support--who you gonna call? t-mobile? HTC? google? good luck! *android platform is so fragmented it has fragmented the android community over who should get an OTA 2.1 update first. droid? eris? though google says it want them all to run 2.1, not all will run it well. *HTC is coming out with more models to confuse the consumer even more. *blackberry video/camera HW sucks--i'm an amateur photographer. i like to share good pics/vids. not crappy ones. *the iphone is due for a refresh in the summer so i'd rather wait and get new contract discount on a 4G then the current 3GS. however, there's still the issue of well-documented dropped calls, and spotty data connection with its carrier. look to see how well ATT handles the iphone mob at this year's austin, tx SXSW--this will be a litmus test. ...and they all have crappy battery- and talk-time. the eris is the worst [3.5hrs per OEM]. the more research i do, the more i like my omnia. thanks to the chefs, winmo 6.5.3 [28223] is a balanced performer and battery-sipper. i like how it organizes mms, sms, exchange and domain accts. the GPS chip could be better, but i've done location-based lock-on races with friends' BB, and iphone, and i get an AGPS lock as fast, and though last, GPS locks minutes later. its camera/video is peerless among smartphones. the overall build is tough--nothing loose, the connector's dust-cover is still firmly attached, the telescopic stylus still snaps and clicks, ALL the buttons are responsive like new. and it still looks SEXY. i know resistive screens are a thing of the past, but the omnia works really well. while iphone users are literally poking at their iphones with sausages, i just grab whatever has a point that wont scratch--add swype keyboard and now you're typing. at this juncture, i really dont feel like i'm using an OLD phone. samsung got it right on the i910--affordable, use-able, durable, flexible, powerful, i could go on and on...which i have :( if i've got anything wrong, pls link to correct info. we ALL want to make an informed decision.
  15. interesting POV from a BB->iphone->BB user http://designmind.frogdesign.com/blog/good...blackberry.html
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