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  1. imo its all about the optical input, my roommates cat bit my omnia twice, so the touch screen acts weird.
  2. nevermind i retract the wallpaper question, that must have been an old rls that was doing that. still wats up with office? thanks!
  3. m2d is cool but for me it just doesn't feel like its properly formatted for the screen size on the omnia. cant wait for the next titanium release. 2 questions... my office says the beta has expired, how do i fix this or where can i get a non beta? and what the best way to change the background, if i do it on the phone it only changes it on the home screen, not on the lock, start, or task bars. thanks again pep!
  4. Awesome ROM, most stable rom i've had in a long time. Fast too. I would like to see finger mouse cooked in the future but its not hard to install. Ive only experienced one bug so far it had to do with activesync being on and plugged in overnight, after i unplugged the omnia kept trying to sync and when i switched it to mass storage it locked. no biggy really, it could have just been my desktop messing it up. who knows, thanks again. im using titanium btw.
  5. is there a way to set the omnia lock (windows mobile 6.1) "hold end key" to start an app and lock? I have developed a slick 3d clock and want it to run while the device is locked. i would preferably like to to remove the bars at the top and bottom that pop up as well. im assuming it will probably have to be a change of dll.
  6. to me it is a big deal. i have a bricked one in the closet... so yea gimme an update verizon u fks. u have 11 days.
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