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  1. Heeeeeelp! Installed the patched Google Wallet on my UK SGS3 (Rooted, stock firmware) and following the info on here got it working and got my $10 on the Google card. Yesterday I modded framework-res.apk for the Cell Standby issue but following that it won't boot properly. It takes forever to boot, eventually comes up with a pop up saying "Process %1$s is not responding'. After a long time if I switch the screen back on I'm at the home page but touching the icons has no effect and after a while it goes back to the process not responding pop up. The easy way out would be to re-flash the phone but I don't want to go down that route without re-setting the Wallet which, in its current state I can't do. Apart from "take a backup copy of framework-res.apk before you do anything" does anyone have any advice? Does anyone have a copy of framework-res.apk from I9300XXBLFB that I could use to replace mine or a way of extracting it from the tarred ROM? Edit: As luck would have it I managed to find a backup copy of framework-res.apk on my laptop, adb push'ed it back and everything is back to normal.
  2. Having just accidentally un-rooted myself I re-rooted via the toolkit and it miraculously works ... and then gets stuck at adding card.
  3. Still not working for me on a UK S3 on stock firmware (ALF6). Tried the android.intent.action.MASTER_CLEAR_NOTIFICATION but it's still stuck on 'Activating account'.
  4. Paul, Now that there's a version in the Play store that's compatible with the S3 (although when it runs it comes up with a 'Not supported' dialogue) I don't suppose you could patch that for us S3 users to try out?
  5. That's ok, it doesn't work on the S3 at the moment anyway. Although the helpful answer would be - I used adb push to install it which worked for me. When you run the app though it gets stuck during the activation stage.
  6. Has anything been seen of the Visa NFC app for the Olympic limited edition phones?
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