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  1. I like this Rom. Really. Maybe I'm not using all the features it has, but it is great that I can choose what I need. I have a tricky/possible common/or not problem : In some games, - for example Slot City - I have many lags(pause for a half minute), but if I turn the sounds off, it's working well. Anyway it's working well in cm7/cm9. In cm10 and above the problem exist .(have tried&tired many Roms):blink: What I could find out until now, it's not about the ram amount/or proc speed. Maybe the sound driver? I always make clean install, by wiping everything, using ext4 with all my apps on it. Help me with some ideas, I'd ran out of them ... :(
  2. menferi

    Reboot loop - bricked ?

    Hi, don't panic, take a try with stock Rom(s). Check this thread Probably you'll have to put the dload folder to your microSD by a cardreader. Good luck
  3. menferi

    [ROM] Onyx (CM7; updated 2012 04 22)

    I was using this ROM for 2 weeks, everything was ok, except the GPS. When I start the navigation app, it looks ok for 2 minutes, then drops the signal, even if I toggle on/off GPS, restart the app, cannot lock the position again. After reboot it's working again for 2 minutes.(A bit tricky to drive like this :D) For the moment I switched back to Styx, that was flawless for me.
  4. anyway, you should take it to the nearest hardware-repair shop, because the water can make problems under the Integrated Circuits, to clean it by ultrasound.(not in laundry machine).Then MAYBE it can work again, but nobody gives guarantee for a repair after water damage... If it doesn't help give it back to her, to be ironed :)
  5. Hi, About the colorful icons, ...etc - you can find some really nice free cm7 themes on market.
  6. Pushed it 20 times from three different browsers, redirected to idiot sites, nothing downloaded - may I ask mirror links pls...
  7. menferi

    Samsung Omnia bricked

    Hi, I know this guy. Unfortunately, when I've flashed for first time my I900, I killed it.(Monahans device-Hanging at Omnia Screen). I sent it to Elco and after about 6 days got back - it's working still perfectly. If you are in same situation, don't hesitate to contact him. Feri (Hungary)

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