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  1. After having the droid for a while now I would say get the incredible when it comes out. Those HTC guys over at XDA always kick out a hell of a lot of work for the HTC stuff. The droid is OK but I will tell you that capacitive touch keyboard are so fast that I never use my physical keyboard anyway (plus the droids physical sucks). Plus you would get full sense OS with optical trackpad and Snapdragon Processor. The Incredible will get rooted for sure and I think it will kick the droids arse. Don't get me wrong the droid is the best phone I have ever owned (except for email before I found k9mail)... but I think the HTC will get everything right that the droid got wrong. Just my 2cents.
  2. Sorry, I got sent out of town on work 2 hours after my last post. They didn't even give me time to go home and grab my laptop so I could flash my omnia. Anyway, I look forward to trying it out tonight. The more I thought about it, the more I realize it will probably be a real pain to keep all the phone features from getting in the way of it's operation (like how many features won't work over wifi, just cell data). But I am still hopeful.
  3. Downloading it now to my house over remote desktop. That way it will be waiting for me when I get home. I will let you know how it goes.
  4. I sent over a beer your way via donation, I am glad to help fuel creativity. I really do miss the Omnia forums. The android boys can be a little elitist (which is something I learned in the linux forums 7 years ago). Keep fighting the good fight.
  5. I just wanted to pose the question: "how stripped down can you make a rom". The reason is simple I don't need it to be a phone anymore. I like many have moved on to the droid, but windows mobile had many nice features I don't want to die. The i910 only sells for $40-50 bucks online so it's not worth selling it. I miss the nice camera, iGO Amigo GPS, Coreplayer for video, S2P for music. I figure the battery life should be able to last a long time if it's not trying to be a phone all the time. I could even use the google voice part of the phone over wifi if I wanted to call from it. I think if someone could make a kick ass windows wifi browser/media rom many of our Omnia's could live on indefinitely. I mean windows mobile is basically windows CE anyway right? So is it possible? Lioryte/Waremike/RobStorm I am thinking of you :)
  6. As someone who defected I will say that I do truly miss my Omnia. Email on winmo kicks androids a$$ (people will try to fight it, but it's a fact plain and simple). I am forced to use k9 mail and the mail navigation it terrible. I have 6 email accounts checking away and this is where droid doesn't. Also winmo was finally starting to get some cool apps, resco photo manager, coreplayer (still want this on android), nanogrove, OperaMobile 10 beta3, googlevoice easy sms (xda). But I will say handheld web browsing has never felt faster than on my droid. It isn't even comparable. Capacitive screen is better hands down do question. Also the droids GPS lock is so fast it's retarded. Droid also has Google Voice with notifications for free sms and visual voicemail. With the Droid there is no more need for IGO Amigo with Google turn by turn navigation (though android does have IGO). And the android music player is nice, I actually use it now that there is a 1/8" jack built in (that samsung adapter was such a pain). I wouldn't call android and upgrade or a downgrade, more like a side slide. Both have pluses and minuses... but once nice thing is android has a future. Unfortunate I think the Omnia and the HD2 are the last bastions of light from the land of windows mobile. Windows Phone Series 7 will be a different animal. They aren't even including a copy and paste function for gods sake. Anyway my 2cents. I do miss these forums, android owners are a lot more pompous... and the forums reflect it. Sometimes I feel like I am hanging with iphone fanboys over at droidforums.net. Any criticism to android and the fanboys flame like I just gave thier grandma a facial.
  7. You did good things for the Omnia. Hopefuly you can do the same on our android's. I am loving mine (droidmod, multitouch, O.C'd to 1gz). Did you go Droidmod, BB, other?
  8. I was a i910 guy but I got a Motorola Droid two days ago, and all I can say is WOW. It does everything out of the box that I had to force my Omnia to do. I love it. No lag, and with a little hacking you have multitouch and all apps you could want. The screen resolution and sensitivity are so much better it's not even comparable. You can also wait for the Nexus since it has the snapdragon processor, all those XDA developers, and also since the Droid physical keyboard isn't very good anyway. Just my 2cents.
  9. It looks like my day are numbered. Just got a droid off ebay w/ clean esn for $275 shipped. Been reading AllDroid.com , Droidforums.net and Androidforums.com non-stop for two days in preparation. It's kinda nice, I see a lot of familiar faces in android land - bgill55, blazingwolf, mrcapcom, adrynalyne, probably more when I find them. I will still check back from time to time to see how stuff is going, and to update my omnia to the latest roms for old time sake (my omnia will become my kick a$s MP3/Divx/Web device). Hope RobStorm, and Lioryte keep you in roms for a while to come. Also I hope some new chefs take up the lead after all the giants have fallen. It is guys like them that changed our phones from a pile of potential to reality. I am gonna miss Window Mobile, S2P, S2U2, Coreplayer, iGO Amigo, Resco Photo Manager 7.03, Opera Browser 10 w/ flash, Phon-EX, GCzII, ThumbCal, Finger Keyboard, Twikini, and all the rest of the apps I have to leave behind. I will miss reading modaco at 2:00am learning all the new cool things my phone could do. My wife is glad to see my omnia go, because she thinks it will mean less time swirled away in my office. Little does she know bgill55/evidence is just releasing his first rom over at Alldroid. The circle of life continues
  10. I agree 28223 is the rom im gonna stay with. Mix 28223 lioryte base with: -Thumbcal -Iphonetoday 1.3 -Opera 10 beta 3 (w/ flash) -Fingerkeyboard -Resco Photo Manager -S2U2 -S2P -Coreplayer -Htc's Youtube player -Igo Amigo -Galarm -AIO ComManager by Sector for wifi sharing and others with some visual hacks thrown in and you have one kickin phone. I havent had to reset phone in two weeks. Not bad for windows mobile (may windows mobile as we know it rest in peace). Ps posted from my wounderful Omnia.
  11. Cab here is not modded, but you can find one by Ninja Duck over at XDA (although my email html links don't work with his modded cab).
  12. Worked great for me. Now if I could only figure out how to automatically setup my email accounts.
  13. 3D graphics chip required. Wvga minimum resolution. Looks like our only chance is an android port for our phone because we're never getting 7 series boys.
  14. Man it is slow to start but I can double-click youtube video's and have them run in full screen with controls that work. The refresh isn't great... but better than skyfire. Check the attached screen captures. Note: CPU usage was 55% and drained 20% of the batter on one movie trailer (The Last Airbender).
  15. Opera 10 Beta 3 - now with flash support. 1.) Install Opera_Mobile_10_WM_beta_3.cab 2.) enable settings -> advanced -> plug-ins (on) 3.) profit (ala underpants gnomes) Note: no need to remove flashlite if you already have it (confirmed by user). Opera_Mobile_10_WM_beta_3.cab
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