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  1. Hi... I have following Problem: I'm stuck at diagnostic mode... (I used the USBSwitch app found over at XDA) Then my HD7 got relocked and now i cannot come back to Zune Mode... The only connection i have is over QXDM or QPST... Is there a command in QPST to get back into Zune Mode? hope someone can help me...
  2. Dave93

    Omnia Lite Rom Wanted!

    Does anybody have the German OR English MUI Files from the Samsung Apps?? OEM_Lang_0409 or OEM_Lang_0407 Hope anybody can help me...
  3. When i Build the ROM it says everything is finished, but there is no .bin file in the RELEASE folder!?
  4. That ROM is for the original Omnia... i900 So it is NOT for the OmniaLITE
  5. Dave93

    Omnia Lite Rom Wanted!

    can anybody please share the OEM Package of a OmniaLite ROM? if possible an german one
  6. Is there an Location fix for the Widgets and the new Windows Mobile 6.5.1/3 builds?
  7. How can i port the sys to the omnia? when i download it from Da_G´s thread at xda-developers? i hope someone can help me
  8. Every COM-Branch was created for develop another feature... Like UI, Stability, Standard Apps ... So these are only diffrent groups of development
  9. Does anybody know how i can make the top margin of the Widgets smaller, so it shows correct with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 builds?
  10. can anybody explain me, how to extract the OEM-Folder of the Original BHIC2 (German) ROM? i wasnt able to do this, and i want to change the OEM-Apps AND start-menu-paths to german... i was able to use the german WM6.5(.1) but the start-menu is empty (except Today-Screen-Link...) I hope the german OEM Files solve this problem...
  11. Can you upload the original Lockscreen-files?
  12. I mean the hexagons ^^ In the WM6.5 Start-menu the WM6.5 standard files for the background^^
  13. How long do you think to need to solve the problems? And what i have to copy into Windows-Folder that the Original Highlightings are in the Start-Menu...
  14. Dave93

    Official WM 6.5 rom

    Its not sure yet. The german support said that its not sure because of the licenses. So there is a chance
  15. There is a new Build from the Com4 Branch 23412 New Contact Application

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