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  1. Dear All, I used to install the roms under Win Xp, now I'd like to use Win7, any one tried? Please Advice... Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi Yonn I'm waiting for your New rom with DOC3000 SPB Andriod theme, please harry up!!!!
  3. Yonn, Great Rom But I faced 2 problems: 1- When I change the city for weather erroe message appear (Couldn't remove value in HKLM\Software\Throttlelauncger\Googleweather\ville) 2- In the phone setting \ network , I didn't find the update time zone from to stop it , because in my country"EGYPT" the day light saving stopped but the wm update the time automatically. Please advice, your prompt reply is high appreciated.
  4. I'm waiting for your download links, Yonn!
  5. Deat Hanif Can you put the link for this rom plz.
  6. Greaaaaaaat Yonn But it doesn't support arabic si I installed Effy Arabic software but it covert all words to Arabic not only the sms when I goto system setting to change the language setting I didn't find it. How I can change the language setting.
  7. Great Yonn Any body can attach screen shots for preview
  8. Yonn waiting for the new release Many Thanks
  9. Plz can I change the grey theme to another theme, If yes, can u put a link to some themes.
  10. Ohhh, I tried but it didn't work, then I REMOVED THE LCD CABLE BUT IT CUT I will change my LCD....
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