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  1. Last call :D I coud not find the link for the M2Dv2 Omnia Build 23662.5.3.6 (LG) beta1 (18/06/2010) and nobody has replied/sent that to me. Could someone help me on get this link :lol:
  2. I do not understand why links and posts are not here anymore. I really appreciate if you/someone can send me a link for 23622 M2D and also post it here Thanks a lot!!!
  3. OCK, Enjoy your break. You deserve it! Additional feedback (and hopefully some help) on the GPS that is taking so loonnnnggggg ;) to fix satellites For those who are "heavy users" of the GPS, I just realized that the Premium version does not have the best GPS Registry settings. Suggest that you visit this link and adjust your registry as explained. http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...00-i8000-omnia/ Have fun! ;)
  4. We will be waiting for the new 28xxx cooked ROM and reminding you that other builds 236xx also have performed really well in our Omnias. Look forward in flashing the new cooked ROM soon... Thanks for sharing your great work!
  5. Hi OCK - Back Testing your ROMs. - Using that latest Premium - Looks great and stable in my first 4 hours with it ;) I like that layout of the TouchInput Keyboard, but even browsing this thread and googling a bit, I could not find an easy answer to use that keyboard in my BR-Portuguese language. Any link or cab you can point to me? Thanks Will probably get back to you with some more (hopefully positive) feedback! Cheers.
  6. New ROM Release WM6.5.X Com5 Build 23559 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M1MGVF1O ==> JN Foundation M2D v2 G-Carbon ============================== Happy in seeing the objective response to previous posts. Hope our comments and feedbacks can contribute to make your ROMs even better! Some additional feedbacks regarding your latest post 1- Unable to download. Megaupload shows that this file is unavailable. Any other alternatives to download it? 2- Concern about recording (when I download the new version). Got "unable to read this file" in that previous version and I already saw some comments that we may have the same problem in this new build. Could you confirm if you have already addressed that issue? (I tried a cab from OCK but it has not fixed this problem for your ROM Looking forward in getting this new build tonight. Will provide feedback soon! Thanks again for understanding and addressing our anxiety ;)
  7. I have been following all the feedbacks in this thread and I am really surprised in not seeing responses (or new cabs, releases) from the cookers so far. I do not want to offend anyone, but I prefer a more stable ROM than just a visually beautiful one. I thought this thread (as in other cookers´s) could help the cookers to improve their ROMs. I will check this post again along the weekend. If no answer comes, I will get to OCK´s (among others) who has responded to all my questions and feedbacks. Here it is my feedback to your ROM: Most critical bugs to me are: 1) Redial Issues If I am in a call and it drops, I can not redial using the hard call buttom or even an icon on the screen. I have to go to the call history and dial from there. It takes me more 2-3 steps do call my friends. Cabs, fixes or help you can provide? 2) Second Language in the Keyboard Many colleagues have already explained how important it is for us. In my case I appreciate if you could point where should I put files (Portuguese-BR) XT9 and if they would work with this keyboard. So far, the way I have "fixed" it is to use the resco keyboard 3) Not Stable I loaded and executed that cab to use the GPS port standards. It worked, but in the case of iGo in some cases weird things are happening such as: The application enter in "hidden execution" mode and the screen goes to the Today screen. I have to "re-start" iGo to solve it. It get worst when I receive calls. I get a "mixed" screen (parts of the call, iGo, today´s screen) and I have to go to the task manager and close all apps. 4) Battery I did a "work around" using a cab that I found in one of the threads http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=47597 So far your ROM is working better than the original settings. 5) General issues I have addressed other general issues using the SDKTools5 application and "optmizing" it in (Stability Mode). I do not know which settings has been changed, but I can tell you that the number of issues/bugs has been reduced. ------------ Conclusion: Yes, this ROM has visuals and it is organized in a way that makes us to continue using it, HOWEVER, the lack of answers/responses in this thread from the cookers make me think about go somewhere else to provide feedback and interact with who are really interested in getting and applying our feedbacks Again, no ofenses. Just a feedback about what is really "hurting" this great ROM is the absence of effective responses from the cookers who we expect will get back to us and understand/address our comments. Thanks for understanding!!!
  8. After flashing and loading this Rom, Should I really hard reset including the option to erase my storage card? I have never done a flash in this way and I would like to double check if would be possible just flashing the main memory. Tks!
  9. Some feedback from 23637 M2D... Install Process - Ok - That issue (rebooting continuously until I take the chip out) with my mobile operator (TIM Brasil) remains, but that is not a big issue since I could hard reset without the chip, and then use ADC to configure the Phone Operator Performance - Really Fast and stable Rom - No Issues GPS - Quicker fix than previous versions! (nice!) + I have changed some values in the registry (ex. buffer...) as I found it in a specific thread about "how to improve GPS quick fix" - Now (finally) Satellites get "fixed" in seconds (not in minutes as it used to be, in other builds)) Active Sync - Something has changed in this version and I have to figure how to solve it. I could identify some tips and tricks in some posts above, but I have to figure how to eliminate that "exchange server" userid and password screen that is coming everytime I am trying to sync Conclusion: I appreciate that you took my previous feedback in consideration and cooked this 23637 M2D. Honestly, from now on I have set my new "standards and requirements" really high for testing a new ROM (your fault <_< ). It means that something like 236xx + really good visuals + apps will be mandatory to make me think about testing another one. :mellow: Congrats again! I really appreciate all the work you have done.
  10. Hi Dhee, Excellent work on the builds/Roms. Some feedback from my experience with your 23542 Pros: Excelent Performance Incredible speed in fix/capture satellites signal Improvements on the visuals To improve: 1) The "power off" (stand-by) mode is not working properly. Sometimes after using some apps it does not turn automatically off. 2) The recording mode (movie) of the camera seems to be slower than other previous builds I have tested. Any fix I can try via registry or an additional cab that would help me here? 3) Some "instability" with some specific apps. when running in paralel. Sometimes those apps stop running and lose data that they were recording. 3) Would be possible to increase the amount of space for email reading in the M2D email preview screen? Hope this feedback helps and that we get some fixes from it. Thanks again.
  11. Really good ROMs. Congrats! Some feedback from my experiences with your builds: 22004 (Premium M2D) - Pros (Congrats!) Excellent layout (M2D and the new email larger panel for preview) + apps (smartnote is really useful) Battery is lasting almost 2 days with intensive use of apps To improve (22004 and 23541): 1) I still have an old problem, since my mobile provider conflicts with 6.5. When you used to put ADC (select provider first) in your roms before that XDA_UC load it used to work. Now I have to take the "chip" out, which consumes much more time. 2) GPS (Time to Fix) is taking longer than other ROMs (Ex.: Dhee) 3) Even if others builds are good, I heard that builds 236xx are getting more stable than others and things GPS, Battery and Performance are higher/better than others. Any possibility in getting a 236xx from you?
  12. Facing some issues with your 25001. It is a known and old issue with a particular provider. Since it recognizes my Mobile Operator before asking or confirming it, my Omnia keep booting until I pull the batery out. Would be possible to include that sequence which asks if I would like to get my mobile operator settings? The ROM looks really good, but without the SIM card I can not use it :) Tks!
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