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  1. Hi. I'm looking for a bit of guidance please before I upgrade my Diamond to a HD2... I've used PocketBreeze for several years on various phones to access calendar and tasks on my front screen. I want to use the new SENSE interface on the HD2 (rather than use the 'standard' Windows Mobile interface) so could someone who has purchased a HD2 please reassure me that you can still access Tasks via SENSE. Presumably I can add a shortcut to one of the Quick Links? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've had the Parrot CK3300 (phone kit and GPS) working successfully with my Universal for several months now. I've got a car mount kit which also powers the Universal. I use TomTom Navigator 5 and it works great.
  3. Yep, TT Navigator works absolutely fine with the M5000...I use mine with the Parrot CK3300 car kit and it works like a dream. I think there are installation problems with earlier versions but 5.2 installed fine for me. There are loads of threads on here which discuss TT5 on the M5000 if you need further assistance.
  4. One other question....do you know what version of Parrot software you are using on the CK3300?
  5. Great news..thanks. What ROM version are you running? I'm on 1.13.49.
  6. Hi, I've previously had the Parrot CK3100 working fine with my M5000 but I now need to buy a kit for my new car and I was thinking about the the added GPS functionallity on the Parrot CK3300 (via Tom Tom). However, the UK supplier has told me there are 'issues' with the M5000 and the CK3300 and they can't offer a refund if it doesn't work. They say it is fine with other Universal variants but say there are problems with the ROM on the M5000. I'm not sure I believe this as other sites say the M5000 works fine with the CK3300. Has anyone got these 2 working together before I splash out on the kit? Thanks.
  7. I've just upgraded my Orange SPV M1000 to an M2000 and I would like to know what is the best way of transfering all of my contacts, calendars, tasks, programs etc. to my new phone? Can I use the ActiveSync backup and then restore to the M2000? Thanks.
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