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  1. Me too. All sorted now and running MCR. Great work!
  2. Neil294

    r2: Legacy Play Store (with all purchased apps visible)

    Thanks for the idiot-proof instructions (and of course thanks to Paul for the app)! Have got this working on my Nexus 7 now and have re-discovered a load of apps I'd forgotten about.
  3. Neil294

    Have you picked up an Android post-Christmas bargain?

    My 32GB 3G white flyer arrived this morning from Dixons with a white carry case and the pen. Very happy, especially as I'd forgotten I could expand the memory with it and can now use the 16Gb card I got free with a recent phone purchase. Might make my Galaxy Tab 10.1 a house-tablet and the Flyer my out and about tablet
  4. Neil294

    Galaxy Nexus - UK stock and pricing update

    FatherD - I had to wait for someone else to finish looking at the phone before I had my play - you weren't to the left of a pillar in the basement were you? I had exactly the same experience, though the deal I was being offer was tempting: £100 for the phone £36 pm for Orange w/900 mins + 1Gb data Upgrade after 18 months Pity I only want it sim-free. Think I'll wait a few weeks until more suppliers have unlocked versions in stock
  5. Neil294

    Galaxy Nexus - UK stock and pricing update

    Visited Phones4U on Oxford Street at lunchtime and discussed the phone and various options. The very friendly customer service rep told me that Samsung had upped the price because they realised the phone was in such demand and they could make more money. Guessing Samsung would not be happy with lines like that. He also mentioned that they sold about 130 phones yesterday, most of them sim-free. In addition, he also told me how it was running the latest version of Mango...bless
  6. After a little bit of an issue with it refusing to recognise my fictional address, Amazon helpfully suggested an alternative address that has worked a treat. Thanks Paul and thanks Amazon! N

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